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Walt Disney World Tours

When visiting Walt Disney World you might wonder to yourself how do they do all this or what you should be keeping your eye out for. Well to help you out you Disney offers several tours (learning programs). These range from 1 hour experiences to all day affairs. Each park has its own programs to choose from. In this section I am going to list some of the tours and then go more in depth and talk about the tours I have experienced.

Note: No photos of backstage areas are permitted on the tours. You are "sworn" to abide by this or else you will not be allowed on the tour.

Geek's Suggestions

If you have a chance to experience some of the behind the scenes tours you should. They are really unique experiences and you can learn quite a bit. Also note that most of the tours are included on some Disney Vacation Plans. Another big consideration is that most of the tours involve a substantial amount of walking and standing. So be sure to plan accordingly.

I do not know if tours are the way to go for first time visitors. I always think its best to explore the parks for yourself. It is half the fun of it, and then you get to experience all the magic and fantasy that is Disney. But once you have visited the parks and want to know more about them then Tours are definitely a cool thing to do because you can start to de-construct the magic… which to a Disneygeek is as much fun as experiencing the fantasy worlds.

One thing to keep in mind is that the given end times for the tours are approximate. Based on our touring experience they always seem to run long, which is not a bad thing if you are paying for the tour. So if you are planning reservations for say lunch after the tour make sure you leave plenty of time because we had to cut a tour short and run to make a reservation.


For a current list of offerings visit the Official Walt Disney World Website. Below are some tours and my logs/notes/reviews from over the years -

Magic Kingdom:


Disney Studios:
- I have not taken any at the studios.

Animal Kingdom:


Note: Click on the highlighted tours to read our experiences and logs.



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