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Golfing at Walt Disney World

Golfing at WDW is really fun, even if you are not a good golfer.. There are a variety of courses to choose from right at Disney.

There are four mini-golf courses at two sites ranging from traditional courses to more of a true miniture golf course with hazard, etc..

There is a 9 hole walking course available for those who want a little more challenge and some more clubs to choose from but do not want to play a full 18 holes on a championship course.

Or if you are up for a full 18 holes then give one one of the three championship golf courses that are located on property.

I have played all the courses, even two that are no longer around. They were really scenic and challenging. The large courses are all championship level courses. There are several golf tournaments at the Walt Disney World resort each year at various levels. For years Disney was a stop on the PGA tour. Also the courses are routinely used for College & Junior events. As well as US Open qualifying.

As of September 25, 2011 management of the WDW 9 and 18 hole courses transfered over to Arnold Palmer Golf. (To read the press release click here). The courses are still considered Disney but just run by a different team now.

The Geek's Suggestions

The list rates for the courses are on the high side as you would expect for the caliber of course and them being on Disney property. If you look around and ask there are some discounts including twilight, replay, Annual Passholder, etc..

The Florida climate is miserable for golf in the afternoon most of the year and also you may get rained out later in the day so take that into consideration when picking a tee time.

The mini-golf courses are really nice at night. They are sometimes open late so you can go there after the parks once the temperature has gone down.

Geek's Tip

If you are staying on property and have a tee time at one of the regular golf course transportation is included. Talk to the resort guest serves (or bell hop) and they will help you get a taxi and give you a voucher for your transportation (it even includes the tip for the driver). Then after your round when you go to return your cart tell the attendant and they will give you a return voucher and call a taxi for you. If you let them know before you turn everything in by the time your ready to go your taxi is there waiting for you.

If you book a "sun rise" tee time on the Oak Trail 9 hole course you can usually play your nine holes, shower and be at the parks shortly after regular 9am openings.

Course Pages:

On the course pages I have a little information and links to picture sets taken while playing:

18 Hole Course:

9 hole walking course:


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