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This section is for everything that I could not figure out where to put it. So it will have a diverse range of topics and change frequently.

  • FastPass: FastPass has invaded Disneyland and is now on several attractions. Check out some information on the system and some pictures.

  • Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World: A brief comparison of the two resorts.

  • Special Events: Throughout the year(s) Disneyland has several special events. Check this section for reports.

  • Christmas at the Park: Disneyland is always an exciting place to visit, but at the holidays it takes on a special magical touch.

  • Pressed Penny and Quarter Locations:This list was submitted to us and was a complete list of the Pennies and Quarters as of September 2003.

  • Wi-Fi at Disneyland Resort: Starting in May 2017 the Disneyland Resort rolled out public wi-fi hotspots in both parks.

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