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Planning Your Day at the Disneyland Resort

If you are from out of town and visiting the Disneyland resort I would say the best option would be to get a flex passport that allows park hopping and do Disneyland one day, DCA another day, and then use the 3rd and or 4th day to get to the attractions you missed, or your favorites.

The two pages below feature sample days, tips, and a little advice on the two parks. Be warned these are just guidelines and on any given day the parks can be more or less crowded or the traffic flow might be different. These will give you an idea of what can be done though.

The most important thing to do is make sure you plan your day to accomodate everyone in your group. Be sure to space out activities, shows, and attractions to keep everyone happy and looking forward to something. Also beware of the weather. In Southern California most mornings and evenings are cool, where as the middle of the day is really warm or even hot depending on the time of year. So try to schedule a couple shows or theater attractions in the middle of the afternoon. Nothing is worse than standing in a 60 minute line for Dumbo at 2pm in August.

With the addition of a second gate in California the traffic flow in Disneyland has chnaged a bit. Remember almost 50% of the people visiting Disneyland are considered locals and a large percentage of those have annual passes. These locals and AP people really impact the crowds on Friday nights and throughout the weekend. Also the crowds swell during promotions like the one run the past few years in December where you can buy a pass good everynight after 4pm. These people come in for a ride or two and the fireworks/Fantasmic usually.


For information on Disney travel backages here is a link to the Travel Company Brochure


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