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By Request:
This section was created in response to numerous emails we have received here at disneygeek.com (see we do read and respond to feedback and emails). People kept requesting pictures of their favorite attractions, shops, areas of the park, etc.. We have collected a rather large archive of photos taken over the past couple years (thanks to digital photography for this). So we have created this section to house pictures that you have requested.

To request a image (or set of images) drop us an email at disneygeek@disneygeek.com

Currently online Requests
  • Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
    The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival started in 1993 and has continued to grow each year. Below are several sections featuring pictures from the years I have been able to attend. For more pictures from the Festival and WDW be sure to check out my past trips in the WDW Update Section

  • SpectroMagic (1991-2010)
    Taken during my Spring 2006 trip to WDW a look at this long running Magic Kingdom Parade.

  • Lunar New Year Celebrations @ Disneyland Resort
    A look at some previous Lunar New Year Celebrations. Starting with 2008 and the year of the Mouse on Main Street USA, then 2011 as part of the Family Fun Weekends at the Festival Arena then 2012 in the Small World Mall Area.

  • Cranium Command
    With the release of Disney/Pixar's Inside Out Cranium Command was on my mind and others. So here are some pictures I had in my photo archive of this former Wonders of Life attraction at Epcot. Note: These are mostly from the queue and some exterior.. I had no pictures from inside the main theater.

  • Indiana Jones Queue
    This is a walk through the Indy queue in 2002. Some pictures came out good, others not so good.

  • Disneyland Halloween Pumpkins (2014)
    A look at the Halloween Pumpkins at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree Halloween Carnival from my 2014 visits to Disneyland during HalloweenTime.

  • Disneyland All American College Band (2001-2010)
    A look back over the recent years of the All American College Band. The band is celebrating its 40th anniversary on July 17, 2010.

  • 8/12/05 - Disneyland All American College Band - Last Day (for the band and Art Bartner retires from Disneyland)
    Here is a collection of shots from the last day of the 2005 College Band, which also was Art's Last day, he retired after this. Art was given the flag that flew over the park at the conclusion of the flag retreat. (For those who do not know Art is also the Band director of the USC Band and he will continue on in that role for the next couple of years).

  • Tower of Terror (Disney California Adventure)
    A look around the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

  • Fatasmic (Disneyland)
    Fantamic debutted on May 13, 1992. Here are some photos from the show taken over the years.

  • Mickey burst onto the scene on November 18, 1928. To celebrate his Birthday here are some pictures from of Mickey at the parks.
  • Disneyland - Main Street Windows (Last additions 4/09/13)
    Every Disneygeek knows the story of the Main Street windows and what an honor it is to have one.. but do you know all of them? We did not so we decided to take a stroll up and down Main Street grabbing a picture of each and every window that had something on it. Here is what we found:
  • Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue (Disney's California Adventure)
    A photo tour of this Hollywood Pictures Backlot attraction. It starts off with a look at the queue then a ride through.

  • Characters @ the Disneyland Resort
    We had a request for character shots, so here is a collection of some of our better character shots from the past few years at the Disneyland Resort

  • Disneyland Resort Monorails
    Here is a look at the Mark V monorails of the Disneyland Resort.

  • Disneyland Hotel
    A walk through of the Disneyland Hotel in February 2008.

  • Disney's Grand Californian Hotel (Updated 3/1/08 with shots of the Lounge)
    A walk through of this luxury hotel at the Disneyland Resort. I try to describe where the pictures are taken, so bear with me and my sometimes confusing captions...
Moved to Photo Gallery Section
  • Disneyland Resort - Trashcans
    As any disneygeek knows there are themed trashcans everywhere in Disney parks. We had a request come in for some shots of the trashcans of the Disneyland Resort so here is a first pass at them from a couple visits earlier this year and a couple I dug out of the archive. This section hits most of the current ones around the resort but I know its not 100% complete yet.
  • Disneyland Popcorn Carts
    We thought this was an interesting request. Someone wanted to see the Popcorn Carts around Disneyland, specifically they wanted to see the roastie-toasties or "slaves" in the carts. The Disneyland carts all have characters that turn a crank with a small pop corn cylinder. Here is a look at the carts we found on our last few visits.
  • Walt Disney World Resort - Trashcans
    Due to the popularity of the Disneyland section, I started this section with some shots from recent trips. This is just a start and no where near as extensive as the Disneyland collection. Enjoy shots from all four parks, a couple resorts, and Downtown Disney.

Disneyland - Retired Requests (You can re-request if you wish)

Disneyland Park:

  • Country Bears
    In this section we take a look at a former Disneyland Classic, the Country Bears. I took these pictures on its last weekend, one of the last shows..
  • Billy Hill and the Hillbillies
    Some pictures from their Holiday show.
  • Believe Firework show
    Some shots from both Believe in Holiday Magic and Believe There's Magic in the Stars Be patient, the better pictures are near the middle/end of the section
  • Castle Series:
    Sleeping Beauty Castle @ Disneyland
  • Characters @ the Disneyland Resort
    We had a request for character shots, so here is a collection of some of our better character shots from the past few years at the Disneyland Resort (I tried not to pick show or parade shots but instead shots of them out in the park).
  • Country Bears
    In this section we take a look at a former Disneyland Classic, the Country Bears. I took these pictures on its last weekend, one of the last shows..
  • Fantasyland Signs (Disneyland)
    In our past several updates we have featured several of the news signs that have sprunk up around the park the past few months. Here is a collection of many of the Fantasyland ones.
  • Holiday Snowfall @ Disneyland
    This couple year old tradition at the Merriest Place on Earth is the finale to the Believe in Holiday Magic show. We had a request for what it looked like and hows its done. You will find a couple pages of the machines used to make the snow and one page of the effect.
  • Indiana Jones Queue
    This is a walk through the Indy queue. Some pictures came out good, others not so good.
  • Mark Twain
    A walk around the decks of the Mark Twain @ Disneyland
  • Mickey's Toontown
    A tour of Mickey's Toontown
  • New Orleans Square
    A quick journey through the square looking at some of the buildings and courtyards.
  • New Orleans Square Follow-up
    Several pages of pictures from around the square. Included in this request are some holiday pictures of the area.
  • Parade of the Stars
    This is the current parade running at Disneyland. It was originally for the 45th Anniv. and has just kept running.
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle @ Disneyland
    A look at Sleeping Beauty Castle (2000-2001)
  • Small World (Disneyland)
    On May 28, 2006 Small World turns 40 Years old. Here are some pictures from the past several years including the facade color transformation back to its original white in 2002 and then some shots from a couple ride throughs in 2006. (if you'd like to see Small World Holiday click here)
  • Space Mountain
    A look around Space Mountain's queue and exit. Some of these came out ok, others really dark, so you have been warned...
  • Disneyland Resort - Haunted Mansion
    I had a request for HM shots, so here are some (more will be coming on future visits as I realized my selection of shots was not that broad, but there are some good ones).
  • Disneyland Resort - Halloweentime 2006 Pictures
    October 2006 marked the first time the Disneyland Resort celebrated Halloween in a big fashion. Here are some pictures taken throughout the month.
  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (Disneyland)
    In this section we take a quick look at the long running show at the Disneyland Opera house. It originally debutted at the 1964 World's Fair and since then has seen a couple of overhauls. These pictures are from the last running version that ran from 2001 until it was shuttered for the 50th show in 2005. Then we have some pictures of the new version that opened in December 2009.
  • Columbia Sailing Ship (Disneyland) - Updated 6/5/10
    A look around this great vessel that sails the Rivers of America. Including shots from below decks.
  • Jungle Cruise
    Main Building & Show - The request was for some shots of the main building, so I took those and added some of the ride itself.

Disney's California Adventure

  • Disney's California Adventure - California Letters
    Here is a look at the California letters (sign) at the entrance to Disney's California Adventure and the different overlays it has taken on over the years.
  • Disney's Steps in Time
    This show used to be in the Hyperion Theater at DCA. It ran from near opening day until Fall 2001 when it was replaced with the Power of Blast! Which will be replaced this December with Aladdin.
  • Grizzly Peak @ DCA
    A look at one of the icons of Disney's California Adventure over the years. This request includes shots from the parks opening in 2001 until 2007 from various angles and vantage points.
  • Luminaria
    I know its not the holidays, but I had several requests for this show that was at Disney's California Adventure for the 2001 holiday season. I put up a couple pages showing the set-up for the show and then several pages of pictures from a couple shows.
  • Playhouse Disney
    A look at Playhouse Disney performed at DCA.

Other Disneyland Resort

  • Disneyland Hotel
    Here's a walk around the Disneyland Hotel.
  • Downtown Disney
    A look around Downtown Disney. Most of these pictures were taken when it first opened to the public in January 2001
  • Disneyland movie clips from 3/04/05
    A handful of MPG movie clips from the Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration show as well as a Buzz emailed shot all from 3/4/05.
  • Dancing Waters Show
    Disneyland Hotel - This show has been around for as long as I can remember... The last noticeable update to the show happened sometime around 1989 I think because the "newest" music in it is Beauty and the Beast. (The intro seemed a little newer, but the show itself didn't).

Walt Disney World - Retired Requests (You can re-request if you wish)


  • All Star Movies Resort
    We stayed at the All Star Movies Resort in March 2000. Here is a selection of shots from the resort.
  • Castle Series:
    Cinderella Castle @ Walt Disney World
  • Castle (50th Decorations)
    Here are some shots of the Golden Decorations that are currently on Cinderella Castle @ Walt Disney World. These will be removed in the coming weeks and should be down by Thanksgiving (I think it was Halloween I read but I can't remember now).
  • Disneys Dreams Come True Parade (WDW Magic Kingdom Parade 12/06)
    The "globes" are gone, but many of the parade units are back in this "new" parade at the Magic Kingdom.
  • Dream Along with Mickey (WDW Castle Show - 12/06)
    Here are a series of shots taken at the new Castle Show that replaced Cinderellabration in late 2006.
  • EPCOT's Mexico Pavilion
    A look around Mexico at EPCOT's World Showcase.
  • Disney's Magical Express Service
    Here are some shots of the Disney Magical Express Service which is bus transportation from Orlando International to Walt Disney World (then back). I have some shots of the checkin area at the airport, the busses, and a couple resort bus stops included.
  • Port Orleans - Riverside
    In this set of shots I try to give an overview of the Riverside Resort, formerly Dixie Landings for those who remember. I try to explain where things are, but I may not be that clear in my writings, so feel free to ask questions.
  • Hall of Presidents (Walt Disney World)
    Walt's Hall of Presidents never made it to Disneyland, but it did make the opening day roster at Walt Disney World. Here is a brief look at this great show that features a brief history of the United States, then a roll call of the Presidents followed by a couple of speeches.

Other Past Requests - Retired Requests (You can re-request if you wish)

  • Disneyland & Walt Disney World Scans
    This section features a handful of pages that contain some random WDW and Dland scans, including guidemaps, a fastpass, a room key, and more.
  • Hollywood Bowl Celebrates Disneyland's 50th & the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store
    This section features a look at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store on Hollywood Blvd and then at the Hollywood Bowl Concert that featured the Music of Disneyland

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