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So you're at WDW, how do you get around?
Walt Disney World (WDW) is approx. 43 square miles. It is a large resort complex and getting around the resort takes time. Disney has put together a very robust and integrated system of busses, boats, monorails, trams, and roads to move guests around outside the parks. Inside the parks Disney has just as many transportation options available. The entire system can be overwhelming at first, but if you stop to think about the system before embarking on your trip you will find it not that scary.

The first thing to remember when navigating WDW is that it takes time to get anywhere. You cannot just zip from place to place instantaneously. Always allow yourself plenty of time. For most trips a good rule of thumb is anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

The best way to visualize the system is to think in terms of various hubs. Each major destination (theme park, waterpark, Disney Springs) acts as a hub. Various transportation options leave from this and go out to other hubs or to the resorts. So if you want to go from theme park to theme park you can usually do this without any connections. If you want to go from resort to resort though you will most likely need to make a connection at one of the hubs. We will go into more detail on this in the various sections. We have divided transportation up along the lines of what mode it is.

Modes we cover:

Monorails: Connect some Magic Kingdom resorts, and MK->Epcot
Boats: Magic Kingdom Resorts, EPCOT resorts, and Disney Springs resorts
Busses: Almost everywhere
Other: Everything else in the world, including walking, driving, trams, etc...

If you were interested in getting to WDW from the airport please visit our planning section. Click here.

On average 200,000 Disney guests ride the various forms of transportation each day

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