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The Disney Cruise Line set sale in July of 1998. Over the years the cruise line has grown to include four ships
Geeks thoughts:
I went on my first Disney Cruise in December 2011 aboard the Disney Dream. I am still working my way through the pictures and my thoughts, so be sure to check back over the coming days/weeks to see them in the Geek's Trip Report section.

I am not sure why I waited so long to go on a Disney Cruise. I always seemed to have an excuse. Either not enough vacation time, too much money, or an itinerary that did not interest me. I did go on a Premiere Cruise (the Big Red Boat) when it was affiliated with Disney back in 1990.

Trip Reports & Pictures

This section features thoughts, observations, and of course pictures from my Disney Cruising Experiences. Featuring my first Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Dream in December 2011.

Trip Reports

Guest Pictures:
We have had a couple sets of pictures submitted by friends of the site. Visit this section for some shots of a couple Disney Cruise experiences. Thank you to all who have shared with us.

Disney Cruise Line Ships:

Disney Ports of Call:

Fun Facts:

  • The Disney ships are painted in Mickey Mouse-inspired colors – black hull, white superstructure, yellow trim and two giant red funnels, each with the Disney Cruise Line Mickey Mouse logo.

  • Disney Cruise Line was the first cruise line to have yellow lifeboats, instead of the traditional regulation orange. Disney was granted special permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to paint the lifeboats yellow, to keep with the special color theming of the ship.

  • Disney Cruise Line ships use the iconic first seven notes of the “When You Wish Upon a Star” song melody as their horn signals.

  • Disney ships are the only cruise ships to have four captains – the ship’s captain, Captain Mickey, Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • Don’t worry about getting a chill! The swimming pools on Disney ships are heated when the water temperature drops below 75 degrees.
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