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Site Map - Section Guide

Below there are three ways to find information on Disneygeek.com.

  • Site Section Guide - Get a comprehensive listing of disneygeek.com sections with a brief description for each.
  • Site Index - See a tree structure of the entire site
  • Site Search - Use Google to search for the information within Disneygeek.com


Site Sections
Ask the Geek

This section is a partnership with FloridaTix.com where overseas readers submit questions and the geek responds.

By Request

In the By Request section we post images requested by guests of the site, ranging from Park Pictures to other Disney related images.

Cast Member Experience

Ever wonder what its like to work at Disney. Here some former Cast Members share their experiences (anyone else have any great stories to share, if so email us)

Construction Progress

The Construction Progress section tracks ongoing projects at the Disneyland Resort. Such as the construction of the Tower of Terror attraction at DCA.

Crowd Shots

The Crowd Shots section contains shots of the line boards, wait times, and random shots to show the crowd or lack of crowd in a particular area at a particular time.

D Geek's Travels

Other travels that were not to a Disney themepark.

Disneyland Flashback

In the Disneyland Flashback section we take a look back at older Disneygeek Pictorial updates.

Disneyland Resort Guide

The Geek's Guide to the Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Resort Pictures

The Disneyland Update section contains pictures from our Disneyland Resort trips.

Disneyland vs. WDW

In the Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World Section we try to take a look at the two resorts and compare them in words and pictures.

Geek Speaks

The Geek Speaks section is our editorial column where the Geek speaks his mind and shares thoughts, observations, and other ramblings.

Geek's Flip Book

The Geek's Flip Book allows you to flip through a series of images taken of various high action attractions.

Geek's Theater

Disney movie information and releases are available in the Geek's Theaters

Geeks Forum

The Geek's Forum is where you get to chime in and share your thoughts, questions, or ideas. Its our message board.

Geeks Mailbag

The Geek's mailbag contains guest comments and the Geek's responses to our email.

Geeks Wallpaper

The Geek's Wallpaper section features images suitable for your computer desktop. We have a new selection each week.

Guest Columnist

The Guest Column section is your chance to submit your thoughts, comments, observations and share them with fellow Disney Geeks.

Guest Update

The Guest Update section is your chance to share pictures you have taken at Disney parks.

Guest Wallpaper

Guest submitted wallpapers for your desktop.


Check this section when there is breaking Disney related news for links, comments, and more. Also features Disney headlines and stock quotes.

Park Miles

The Park Miles section contains trip logs and mileage information from our various Disneyland Resort Trips

Press Releases

Disney Press Releases are available here.

The Geek's Blog

The Geek's Blog contains a listing of site updates as well as some discussions on Disney related topics.

The Geeks Library

The Geek's Library contains reviews, links, and information on Disney related books, DVDs, CDs, etc..

The Holidays@Disney

The Holidays at Disney are one of most peoples favorite times and in this section we post pictures from both Stateside parks looking at the Holiday decorations.

Wait Times

In the wait time section we record and let you search the wait times posted on the Line Board on Main Street @ Disneyland.

Walt Disney World Pictures

The Walt Disney World Update section contains pictures and trip logs from our WDW trips.

Walt Disney World Resort Guide

The Geek's Guide to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Where Is It?

This section contains a Where's Waldo type game. We take random pictures around the parks and you can guess where they are (we then reveal the answers).

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