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Walt Disney World(WDW) currently has four main theme parks. Each theme park has a unique theme and a different style. It is best to approach each with a unique gameplan. In this section of disneygeek.com we are going to try to give you some ideas and tips as to what each park is about and how to have a successful visit to the park. Remember that the theme park experience is only one of the many elements that go into a successful WDW vacation experience. Please spend some time looking through the other sections of disneygeek.com to learn about trip planning, recreation, the resorts, and dining suggestions.

Magic Kingdom: Opened in 1971 and is vary similar to Disneyland in California. The target audience of this park is the young and the young at heart.

EPCOT: Opened in 1982, EPCOT is often referred to as a world's fair. This is a much larger park than the Magic Kingdom (approximately twice the size) and geared towards a slightly older audience.

Disney's Hollywood Studios: Opened in 1989, Disney's Hollywood Studios is the smallest theme park in WDW. The studios have elements that appeal to people of all ages. Including two of the most thrill oriented attractions at WDW.

Animal Kingdom: Opened in 1998, Animal Kingdom is the largest park in terms of land area(for example the Magic Kingdom will fit inside the Safari attraction at AK), but smallest in terms of number of attractions. The park appeals to people of all ages, but some people get bored rather quickly with it.




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