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Disney's Wide World of Sports Compex

The Disney Sports Complex is a sprawling set of facilities that include a Baseball Stadium, a Field House, several sets of fields for every outdoor sport imaginable, a track complex, cross country area, tennis complex as well as an All Star Cafe and of course a gift shop. Throughout the year this facilitiy hosts events at all levels from local sports, to tournaments, to major league baseball events. Also there seem to be quite a few cheerleading competitions held here too.

Venues include:

  • the Ballpark
  • Milk House
  • Hess Sports Fields
  • Baseball Quadraplex
  • Cross Country Course
  • Diamondplex
  • Tennis Complex
  • Track & Field Complex
  • The Sports Experience

    The official website is: http://disneyworldsports.disney.go.com

Quick Facts
  • Opened on: March 28, 1997



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