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Once You Arrive

Your probably saying to yourself… now you have arrived at WDW and checked into your resort… what more do you need to plan. Well like everything in life WDW vacations are extremely fluid, remember it is a vacation. So you will always be modifying your plans. Whether its adding another round of golf, or an extra afternoon in EPCOT, or taking off time from Animal Kingdom because you saw it all, or a thunder storm cuts your Blizzard Beach trip short. With your knowledge of WDW that you gained in your earlier planning exercises, you should have no problem adapting the plan to fit whatever situation comes your way. Remember its nearly impossible to see, do, experience, dine everywhere and everything at WDW. Your mission was to find out what would best fit yourself and your group and go for it.

An invaluable resource once you are at WDW is your guest service desk. Every WDW resort has one and the people who work there are usually extremely helpful. They will give you information, help you reschedule things, etc…


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