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Where to Eat at Walt Disney World

When most people think of theme parks they think of fast food and counter service places. Disney offers a much wider array of food beyond that. Of course you have to pay for it, but in many cases its well worth it. The average tourist seems to spend most of there meal time at counter server (or fast food) places with a few "special meals" at the more expensive sit-down restaurants. Some groups make it a point to eat at least one "good" meal a day. Still others go on all inclusive vacation plans and eat at the "best" restaurants for every meal. No matter which way you choose to experience WDW restaurants you will be in for a treat. For this site we have broken your dining options into three categories.

In the Parks, which will cover restaurants located in the main theme parks and the secondary parks.

Many of the best places to dine at are located Disney Resorts. Most resorts feature a "food court" and many of them feature a "sit-down" restaurant too.

The third place to sit down to a great meal is at Disney Springs with its array of "specialty" restaurants.

Priority Seating:
Disney restaurants do not have "reservations", instead they have what is called priority seating. What it means is that your name is put on a list for an available table before people who just walk in. It works out to be very close to a reservation, usually the table wait is 1-15 minutes, but occasionally it can be up to 30 min. Disney has quite a few rules for when you can call in your seating preference based on the restaurant, its location, and if you are going to be staying on or off site (higher priority is given to Disney Resort guests over day guests… one of the things you are paying for to stay onsite).




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