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Other Geeks

This section will hopefully become populated with interesting stories and insights from current and former cast members. The goal here is not to deconstruct the magic, but to give true Disney geeks some interesting and different pieces to read. I am sure many of you have wondered about different aspects of the park and how it would be to work there. Hopefully this section will answer some of those thoughts. If you have ideas or questions please send us an email and we will try to find someone to write about it. Or if you want to share your experiences email us and we can work something out.

The Lazygeek

A friend of the geek, the lazy geek seems to be always looking for the easiest way to get things done, as well as the best places to catch an afternoon nap. He is usually with the geek on Disneyland trips, but rarely speaks....


The Geek's Brother

As the title would Imply, I am the brother of the Geek. Normally I wouldn't want to admit to this, but for the sake of this website I will periodically make my presence felt by adding my two cents on various issues. While I enjoy going to Disney parks and such, I am no where near as dedicated as the Geek and the Lazy one, which makes my point of view on things rather unique for this site. I bring the more normal persons point fo view to the table and help to keep the Geek in line as he goes off on his tangents...


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Important Notes

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