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-The Lazygeek had lunch at the restaurant in Condor Flats. It appears that there is no $10 minimum to receive the AP discount. By the way, the chilli hamburgers are quite tastey.

-The canopy structure for the Goofy show in the Hollywood Backlot is coming along quite nicely. From the progress seen, completion should be very soon.

-Construction and maintenance were in full force at Disneyland Park as well. Painters were stripping off old paint on railings in New Orleans square, the critter country construction wall has been moved out all the way to the McDonald's Fry building (shame they didn't block it as well; McDonald's products in Disneyland for a marked up price, what a scam), the center and left water screens area were being drained, the construction wall has returned right past Big Thunder, and a construction wall was placed by the Frontierland Train Station on the Water Tower side.


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