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Planning for your Walt Disney World Vacation

One of the best ways to maximize your WDW vacation and experience all Disney has to offer is to plan ahead. With such a large vacation destination there are several things to take into consideration when planning your trip. In this section we will try to cover some of the strategies and plans we have used and share with you what others have experienced. We have broken the information into three sections based on time. The first is Before you Book. There are so many ways to experience a Disney vacation. You have to decide on theme park tickets, resorts, plans, dining options, recreation, etc… in this section we will try to cover some of these. The second major time milestone is before you go. Now you have your trip booked and are preparing to go. We will cover some guidelines on when to make various reservations and what to think about before you actually depart for WDW. The final section is now that you have arrived at WDW what do you need to do during your trip in terms of planning your days.

We have added a section on Disney's Magical Express Service

We have also provided two addition resources to help you out. The first is a trip reports section that will enable you to get ideas about planning your trip. You can see how various people planned out their WDW trips.



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