5/25 - Pixar Pier, Star Wars & more construction checks plus a look at the Incredibles 2 preview and other recent changes 5/11 - Paint the Night, the ongoing projects - Pixar Pier, Parking Structure & Star Wars as well as my random assortment of shots as I roamed the parks. I have started to post full picture sets from my Tokyo Disney Resort trip.  Day 2 features the 35th Anniversary including Celebration Street Projections. 5/4 - March of the First Order, Pixar Pier Exhibit in the Blue Sky Cellar & new Ice Cream Store plus a check of the ongoing projects and my random assortment of pictures. A summary (links) to all my D23 Expo 2017 posts plus all the press releases for the event. Trip summary from my first trip to Shanghai Disneyland in April 2018 featuring all my posts so far. 4/27 - 1st look at Pixar Fest, new Dumbo queue plus a check of Star Wars, Parking Structure & Pixar Pier Construction.  Also a look around Knicks Knacks & Star Trader Trip Summary page with links to all posts so far from my April 2018 trip for the parks 35th anniversary. 4/12 - My full picture set from Day 4 includes a Toy Story Land Preview, Disneytown, plus several shows and attractions. Pictures from 3+ days of sightseeing in Washington D.C. including visits to the Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Smithsonian, Pentagon, and the National Zoo.
 What's New:
Geek Speaks
Geek Speaks: 05.27.18
My thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
Disneyland Resort Pictures
Disneyland Resort Pictures: 05.26.18
Pictures from Friday 5/25 including a look at the ongoing projections (Pixar Pier, Star Wars, Parking Structure) plus a check of what is new around the parks and Downtown Disney.
Park Miles
Park Miles: 05.26.18
My trip log from Friday at Disneyland Resort.
The Geek's Blog
The Geek's Blog: 05.25.18
This afternoon/evening I plan to be at the Disneyland Resort. Stop by the blog to see posts as I roam the parks.
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World: 05.24.18
My May trip summary now includes all picture posts from the parks including Skyliner construction, Resort Work, and my random pictures from the parks. Plus trip logs from every day. Full Picture sets and some video clips are coming soon.
Press Releases
Press Releases: 05.23.18
Several Pixar Pier Press Releases today from Disneyland as well as a new dining option coming to Tokyo DisneySea.
Tokyo Disneyland Pictures
Tokyo Disneyland Pictures: 05.19.18
Pictures from my final day in Tokyo last month featuring a couple laps on the Resort Line to visit the Hotels and enjoy a few more minutes of vacation then the trip home. Two more park days are coming when I return home from WDW.
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World: 05.17.18
This week I am at Walt Disney World. Here is my trip summary. I will continue to update it with links throughout the trip. Or stop by the blog to see the latest posts.
Construction Progress
Construction Progress: 05.16.18
Updated with pictures from 5/11
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Latest Disneyland Resort Pictures:
Friday, May 25, 2018
A check of the ongoing projects around the resort including Pixar Pier, New Parking Structure, Star Wars, Adventureland & Downtown Disney plus a look at the Incredibles 2 preview.

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2016 Tokyo Disney Trip
In November 2016 I returned to Tokyo Disney Resort to spend a week at Disneyland and DisneySea checking out the Christmas Festivities and DisneySea 15 Anniversary Celebration.

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