1/17 - Lunar New Celebration, Rise of the Resistance opening day and a check of the ongoing projects 2/19 - My 1st Rise of the Resistance Experience @ Disneyland plus new Tomorrowland Planters and other pictures as I explored the parks. Picture posts, videos, trip logs, thoughts & observations from my November 2019 visit to Disneyland Paris to check out the Christmas Festivities 3/5 - Magic Happens Parade & Rise of the Resistance plus a check of a couple projects highlight this visit to the parks. Walt Disney World pictures from December 2019 featuring visits to all the parks & several resorts to see the Christmas festivities and ongoing projects.
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Geeks Library
Geeks Library: 08.11.20
New Book Released today, my 1st impressions - Disney Maps – A Magical Atlas of the Movies We Know and Love
Walt Disney World Video
Walt Disney World Video: 08.08.20
1994 - Walt Disney World Monorail Front Cab Videos from Epcot to TTC then to Magic Kingdom.
Walt Disney World Video
Walt Disney World Video: 08.01.20
Continuing my 1994 Walt Disney World video series this week with a ride aboard the Epcot Resorts tram from the International Gateway to the Dolphin.
Tokyo Disney Resort
Tokyo Disney Resort: 07.27.20
The Tokyo Disney Resort Line opened in 2001 today. Here are some videos from my visits of a ride around the circuit.
Walt Disney World Video
Walt Disney World Video: 07.25.20
My video from 1994 of a flight on the Skyway in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
Throw Back Thursday
Throw Back Thursday: 07.23.20
Disneyland Resort picture sets from 2010 & 2011 featuring a look at DCA expansion. Plus a blog post from 5 years ago looking at Disneyland AP designs and prices (the post marked my 20th AP.. now up to 25th year).
Walt Disney World Video
Walt Disney World Video: 07.19.20
1994 - Mickey Mania Parade at the Magic Kingdom
Today In Disney History
Today In Disney History: 07.17.20
Today In Disney History - Disneyland Opened in 1955 & several other attractions and resorts celebrate anniversaries too. I have a handful of picture sets from Disneyland visits on this date in years past
Disneyland 50th Anniversary
Disneyland 50th Anniversary: 07.16.20
Throw Back Thursday - Disneyland turns 65 tomorrow.. here are my picture sets taking a look back at the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2005.
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Latest Disneyland Resort Pictures:
Thursday, March 5, 2020
A fragmented visit to the park featuring Magic Happens, Rise of the Resistance and a check on a couple projects.

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