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Throw Back Thursday: 05.14.20
Today a series of pictures looking at the Walt Disney World News publication for June 7-20, 1985.
Shanghai Disneyland: 05.11.20
Shanghai Disneyland Reopened today. I posted links to a webcast, media tour and press release.
Park Closures - Reopening: 05.07.20
Disney Springs to start reopening on May 20th. I have updated our Parks Closure page to include information and links on the re-openings.
Shanghai Disneyland News: 05.05.20
Shanghai Disneyland will start to reopen on May 11th. Details for the phased reopen were released today.
Walt Disney World Pictures: 05.01.20
Disney's Hollywood Studios turns 31 today. Here is my picture set/trip report from the 25th anniversary in 2014.
Disney Plus: 04.29.20
Disney+ continues to add new programming. Here are the latest announcements as well as a preview of an upcoming series entitled Prop Culture.
Today in Disney History: 04.26.20
Testing out a new feature on the site, Today in Disney History. It will list Attraction opening/closing anniversaries, film releases as well as picture sets & press releases from that date.
Photo Gallery: 04.23.20
Animals of Kilimanjaro Safari @ Disney's Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World : 04.22.20
Disney's Animal Kingdom turns 22 today. Posting some links to previous years anniversaries and other picture sets this week -
Walt Disney World Pictures: 04.21.20
My picture & video set from the Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom from a visit to Walt Disney World in 2011.
WDW Tour: 04.20.20
To start Earth Week a look at the Caring For Giants tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Tokyo Disneyland Pictures: 04.15.20
Tokyo Disneyland turns 37 today. Here are my picture sets from visits to the resort including a look at the 35th Anniversary during my most recent visit.
Where Is It?: 04.14.20
We ran a series several years ago (some sets from 2003) with random pictures from around the parks and asked how many you could identify the location of. See how you do...
Geeks Blog: 04.13.20
Miss any of our recent picture, news or review posts? Here is a recap/listing of them -
Disneyland Paris: 04.12.20
Disneyland Paris opened 28 years ago today. To celebrate here are my full picture sets from visits in 2015 & 2019.
Egg Pictures: 04.10.20
All week we have been highlight egg pictures from Disney Parks around the world including Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea & Tokyo Disneyland. This summary page has links to all the posts and picture sets.
Tokyo Disney Resort: 04.09.20
Pictures & Video of Tokyo Disneyland Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade from 2015.
Tokyo Disneyland Pictures: 04.07.20
In today's picture set we venture to Tokyo Disneyland in 2015 to check out the character eggs around the park.
Shanghai Disneyland Pictures: 04.06.20
This week we will be taking a look at Eggs in the various Disney Parks. Today we start off with Character eggs at Shanghai Disneyland from 2018
Disneyland News: 04.05.20
Friday Disney announced there will be no 2020 Disneyland All-American College Band. Here is the announcement and some videos of years past.
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