Cast Member Experiences

This section is hopefully become populated with interesting stories and insights from current and former cast members. The goal here is not to deconstruct the magic, but to give true Disneygeeks some interesting and different pieces to read. I am sure many of you have wondered about different aspects of the park and how it would be to work there. Hopefully this section will answer some of those thoughts. If you have ideas or questions please send us an email and we will try to find someone to write about it. Or if you want to share your experiences email us, we are always looking for guest columnists to share their experiences.

Stories from Disneyland of the late 1960s

These stories are from Steve (Main Street Magic) Simmons, who became a Cast Member back in 1969 (yes, that was back where there really were E Coupons!). Started off in Janitorial working at Carnation Gardens (the bandstand where the Disneyland band used to play). Moved into Merchandise and worked both Merlin's and Main Street Magic shops.

The Mountain Geek - Disneyland in the 1990s

In these columns you will read about working in the park during the 90's, and how Disneyland evolved in that time. Columns will explore the transformation of Disneyland through the eyes of a young "disneygeek", to a custodial cast member, and now a Disneyland cast member alumnus.

Ever wonder what it is like to be in a Disneyland parade?

I do not mean as a selected guest, I mean as a job... Here are a couple pieces from cast members who have been in some of Disneyland's parades.

Other CM Experiences

  • Disneyland's Candlelight Ceremony - Being part of the Human Christmas Tree at this annual Disneyland tradition is a great honor for Cast Members. Here is a brief Q&A with a former chior member.

  • My Walt Disney World Experience - This guest writer, Spawn 51, came to the US from Puerto Rico and has spent several years at Walt Disney World. Here are some thoughts on his time at the resort.

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