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 Disneyland CM
The Candlelight is an annual tradition at Disney themeparks. The Disney cast member honor choir makes a human Christmas Tree in the center of the assembled choir. We have been lucky enough to get a few questions answered and comments from a member of this year's choir.

Geek: Who can be a member of the choir?

CM:You must be an employee, either from the Disneyland Resort, the studios in Burbank, or ABC.

Geek: What is the process the choir goes through?

CM: Rehearsals start in September and we meet once a week. There are two rehearsal sites....one for Studio based employees in Burbank and one for Disneyland based employees in Anaheim. The 3rd week of rehearsals are auditions. It is a very simple, painless process just to let the choir director hear you to make sure you can carry a tune. Usually almost everyone makes it into the tree because I believe there are a total of 110 spots....55 spots for each evening and each employee only participates in one evening. Anyone who does not make the tree are alternates/fill-ins and usually everyone gets to participate in at least one show. Everyone has to meet the requirements of rehearsal attendance, which includes at least 8 of the 10 weekly rehearsals, a regional rehearsal and dress rehearsal. If you do not meet the rehearsal requirements, you cannot participate in the tree but you can participate in the finale of Halleluiah Chorus

Geek: What is it like to perform in the show?

CM: As far as the actual performance, it is a great experience. It is VERY hot on stage with the lights and the fact that we are so packed in and there are choir members that will pass out. We are warned to wear very light clothing under our robes, to eat, to drink plenty of fluids and NOT to lock our knees.

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