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The process to join a Disney parade is usually an extremely competitive process because of the limited spaces available.

The first audition for everything is usually an open call audition. There is a hotline, it is (714) 781-0111.

The next audition is for atmosphere characters such as Goofy, Pluto, Mickey..etc. this audition is on Feb. 17 only for height rages of 4'9"-5'2", 5'6"-5'9", and 5'11"-6'4" and another one on Sat. Feb. 24 ay 9:00am. This audition is for face characters such as Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Mad Hatter, Ariel...etc.

The Tryout Process

Here is a brief glimpse at what the actual tryout day is like.

Generally about 500 people show up and the first thing they do is break you up into
height groups so they can know what parts you are eligible for. Height is a
big issue at Disney. Several parts have very limited height ranges.

Then they have you dance and they make some cuts. Then you dance again with some more cuts.. this goes on for about eight hours and then you go home and they
call you to let you know what part you will be in the parade... if you make it.

You made it...

Once you go through the audition process and make it into the parade you then have to "get hired." This is where you go down to the offices to sign about a million papers and turn in your personal information and "get hired." This process takes well over an hour. After you are hired you must go through general orientation and department orientation. General orientation is an eight hour day, but you get paid to go. You learn how to make the "Disney Magic" happen. You also go on a walk around of the park and get lunch for free at a pre-chosen Disney park restaurant. After general orientation you go to department orientation and the time varies for that. You are then ready to start in your designated department.

General orientation is an orientation that everyone who has been hired to work for Disney has to go to. It is all about how to make the "Disney Magic" come alive. This is also where we all get general safety training that we can use on our jobs. Department orientation is a separate orientation that you go to in just your specific department. If you were hired into the parade you are in the Entertainment division, so you would go to the orientation for the Entertainment division. Sometimes there are separate orientations for a specific parade or show as well. In department orientation you learn about the rules and regulations of your specific department. It's all very useful knowledge.

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