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My typical parade day starts one hour before the parade because all of the call times for parades are usually around one hour before. I clock in, then walk to the parade building and sign in next to my name and part so they know that I am there.

I then read the GA's (as we call them... the General Announcements) to see if there's any changes or anything special going on that day. Some days they are not posted and we all meet in the downstairs break room to hear the verbal GA's.

Then I go to my locker to drop off all of my belongings and go to the costume counter to check out my costume. I then hang my costume in the dressing room and proceed to the make-up/wig room. In the make up/ wig room is where we get our make-up and wigs on for the parade. I do my make-up first and then go and get dressed. After I am dressed I deal with wigs, hats, head dressings... anything that has to do with hair; whatever that may be for the different parts and parades.

At this point is is about ten minutes to step off. I gather with my fellow cast members and we walk up to the step off gate trying to warm ourselves up before the parade. This is where we make last minute costume adjustments and warm our bodies up for the dancing before we go out.

We wait for music to start and off we go for about 20 minutes straight of dancing down the parade route. When we end the parade we take off our costumes and hang them on the racks they provide and put on our Disney issued jackets of either blue or bright orange (we pick our color). We grab a Disney cup of either power-ade or water that they provide and head for the cast member tram to take us back to the other side of backstage which is where the parade building is.

Once we are back there we change, wash off our make-up, turn in our hats and check in our costumes and go home. This is just a typical one parade day...the two parade days are another story. And a typical day is a rare thing at Disney.

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