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Disney theme parks are much more than just rides, shops, and dining locations. They also offer a wide variety of live entertainment that include stage shows, parades, fireworks, street performers, and bands. This section is devoted to these entertainment options.

The Geek's Suggestions
To fully experience a Disney theme park you really should check out the live entertainment. The shows are usually excellent and well worth the time spent. Also they offer great ways to avoid lines during peak hours of the day, or just a way to relax for a while.

Disneyland Resort Entertainment Choices

Disneyland Park

Parades/Shows:Disney parades and shows are usually unique experiences that really add to your day at the parks.

Live Groups: This is one of the many things that makes each visit to a Disney park different. Throughout the year there are various groups performing in the park.

Seasonal Offerings: For special seasons (like the holidays or summer) Disney brings in even more entertainment to keep the crowds occupied and locals coming back for more.

Retired Entertainment: Visit this page to see some of the parks entertainment that has ended for one reason or another.

Disney California Adventure Park

Current Offerings:

  • Parades/Shows: DCA is still getting its legs, but they do offer some good Disney parades and shows.
  • Live Groups: Again as with Disneyland this is what really makes the park stand out.
  • Seasonal Offerings
  • Other: This section encompasses character greetings as well as a few other random performers.

Retired: Hard to believe, but this new park already has some entertainment that is long gone.

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