Disney California Adventure - Current Entertainment
Below is a listing of some of the current entertainment offerings at DCA. I have segmented them into three categories. Parades and Shows, Live Groups, and Character Encounters.

Parades and Shows

Frozen - Live at the Hyperion (May 27, 2016 - present)
A broadway style show presented in the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land. If you have a Frozen fan in your family this will probably be high on their must see list. It includes all your favorite characters from the film and songs brought to life on stage. The show clocks in at about an hour. For more on the show click here.


World of Color - Celebrate! (May 23, 2015 - present)

World of Color is DCA's night time spectacular and in May 2015 received a new show for Disneyland's Diamond Celebration. The new show highlights the history of Disney Animation and Disneyland with Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse as your hosts.. This is a not to be missed experience. The best way to describe it is a fireworks show that uses water, lasers, and projections instead of Fireworks. I have my thoughts and an FAQ on its own page. Click here to read more.

The Red Car News Boys - Buena Vista Street - (June 15, 2012 - present)
This show features several newsboys that arrive on the scene aboard a Red Car Trolley. Their performance is very energetic and many describe it as Newsies inspired. Mickey arrives in Hollywood and joins in for a few songs and then travels off in the Red Car with them. The show features the new Mickey with the moving mouth and blinking eyes. The songs do stick in your head afterward too. Of the two (the other being Five & Dime) I really enjoyed the Red Car News Boys. I think the higher tempo is why.

This show is altered slightly for the Christmas season and on May 23, 2015 a new finale was added where Mickey sings about his dreams and Minnie makes an appearance.

Here is a video of the premiere performance:

Five & Dime - Buena Vista Street - (June 15, 2012 - present)
This group of singers appear on Buena Vista Street several times per day. They sing several songs from the 1920s and 30s and feature some standard Disney audience participation bits. Goofy also drops in on the show which is a nice touch. They drive around in the old grand marshal car from Disneyland which is now redone to fit into Buena Vista Street. I thought their show was ok. The music was well done but the show seemed to drag on a bit. Not sure if it was the early morning or what but I found my attention wandering a bit during the show.

On May 23, 2015 - Three new songs were added to the show and old ones dropped.

Here is a video of the premiere performance:


Pixar Play Parade (March 14, 2008 -2011, 6/1/2012 - present)

The Pixar Play Parade debutted in March 2008. It features units from Cars, Monsters Inc, the Incredibles, A Bug's Life, Ratatouille, and Toy Story. The Ratatouille unit was retired and the others kept going until 2011 when the parade was forced to take a break during the re-construction of the park. On June 1, 2012 the parade returned and now travels down Disney's longest parade route stretching from near the Tower of Terror, down Sunset Blvd, up Hollywood Blvd, through Carthay Circle, then down the old parade route past Cars Land, the Wharf, and around the Pier to the parade gate between Paradise Gardens and Screamin.

My initial thoughts from the parade(3/14/08): A word of warning to people watching the parade, heed the pre-parade warning that you will get wet. There is quite a bit of water, bubbles, etc.. that come toward you, not to mention beach balls (which managed to hit me a couple of times). Some of the water is controlled by CMs and they are fairly careful if they see you have a camera, but other streams come from the floats and those seem to be random. Overall I do not see the thrill of getting wet all the time, I guess in the 100 degree weather of July and August it may be nice but for those of us who enjoy taking pictures it makes it a real hassle to worry about the water and we end up not enjoying the parade or focussing on it as I found myself planning a shot, un covering the camera, snapping pictures, then covering it again. I would like to see a toned down version.. maybe one where only the first couple rows get wet.

Wilderness Explorer Ceremony (June 2011 - Present)
This brief show takes place in the small theater located within the Redwood Creek Challenge area. It gives kids of all ages the chance to share some Wilderness Explorer (from Up) moments and then meet Russell after the show for a picture. Hereis a video of the show:


Live Groups

Mariachi Divas - This group performs ion the Pacific Wharf area.

Citizens of Buena Vista Street - Premieres 6/15/12

Character Encounters

There are several Meet and Greet oportunities. Be sure to check your park time schedule or ask a Cast Member as they change frequently.

Meet the Residents of Radiator Springs (6/15/12)

Lightning McQueen and Mater, residents of Radiator Springs andbest friends always, settle in at the Cozy Cone Motel to meet guests and pose for photos. Other “car-acters” are featured in the shops, restaurants and attractions.

Red the Fire Truck enlists young guests to help him water the flowers and clean up the town of Radiator Springs. Red makes sure that everything – and everybody – gets wet in some fun, interactive water play.

DJ’s Dance Party, as seen in “Cars,” features DJ the rolling boom box with a mischievous personality and built-in CD changer.  He and his team of dancers coast down the boulevard, creating a rollicking dance party wherever they go.

My first impression from 6/22 - This is a dance party that rolls into Radiator Springs several times a day featuring several cast members that lead the routines and DJ, a car with a sound system that provides the tunes. They play a mix of music and try to engage the crowd and kids in several of the dance routines. I thought it was a nice little show. The energy of the cast was good and the car was interesting to see. The kids that joined in the dancing seemed to be having a good time and I thought the mix of music was good. Seeming the lighting on DJ at night added a little to the show as the sun was setting compared to the afternoon showing. I think the show looks better in the evening with the lighting on DJ and the neon around. Also during the afternoon there is little shade where you can actually see the show.


A wider video from the same show:

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