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Understanding the Disneyland Resort

Location: Physical Location

Getting there: Getting from the airport to the resort...

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Resort Layout: Text description of how the resort is set-up

The Disneyland Resort is located off the 5 Freeway in Anaheim California. The resort is located about 30 miles South of downtown Los Angeles. To locate it on your navigation program/map you can use the address 1313 Harbor Blvd, Anaehim, CA 92802. This will mark old parking lot entrance. Depending on your final destination you will have to adjust from there.

Getting There

This could be one of the most difficult challenges of your trip. The public transportation system in Southern California is pretty close to non-existant. To get from the airport to the Disneyland resort you have several choices(each one has its own merits and problems):

  • Drive: You can rent a car and just do the drive. This is the best option if you plan on exploring the rest of Southern California too. Also depending on the length of your stay and the size of your party this can be the cheapest route. The drawback here is you have to have someone who is willing to drive the infamous Southern California freeway system. Having spent many years driving it, I can say it can be bad, but if you use your head and plan ahead its not that bad. You can get good maps from most rental car places, or visit yahoo maps.

  • Shuttle Bus: Most of the airports have direct busses to and from the Disneyland resort. This option could be the cheapest if you have an extended stay or have a small party. The drawback is you are stuck on their schedules. The advantage is you just get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The one seen most frequently is airportbus.

  • Shuttle Van (or Limo or even Taxi): This could be an expensive option, you should price it out and see. The advantages are you set the schedule and locations. Yahoo Listing (Click Here) Here is Disneyland.com's official transportation page.

  • Public Transportation: Los Angeles has an array of bus systems and train systems that can get you where you need to go. The problem is you may have to transfer systems several times and it could take you quite a while, but if you are a public transportation person you can make it work. -
    • 2018 - A new bus from Riverside and San Bernadino - OC Register News Story
    • Click here for some information on the public transportation systems - Submitted by one of our guests, Tony Louey


See our Parking Information Page for information on theme park, hotel, and Downtown Disney parking.


The Layout - A description

If you have been to Walt Disney World you would picture Disneyland as being large and spread out, well here in Anaheim Disney owns a lot less property and its located in the middle of a city. There are other hotels, eateries, etc.. built right up next to Disney. You can now exit the freeway and drive almost directly into a Disney parking lot. The city of Anaheim and Disney have "cleaned" up the streets surrounding the resort. Many more palm trees and other landscaping additions have been made. Signs have been removed and unified along streets (from other hotels). The area really looks good now, compared to how it looked several decades ago but it is still a long way from the immersive environment you find in Orlando. The outside the berm places are starting to blend much nicer into the "Disney" site lines. There is a blurring between Disney and non-Disney occurring. There are still extremely drastic changes, but the visual look is much smoother than it used to be.

The Disneyland Resort area currently consists of two theme parks, three hotels, a dining and entertainment center, and several parking lots. The two theme parks are located across a common esplanade with the original Disneyland park located on the North side and Disney California Adventure directly South of it. Traveling West from the theme parks down the Esplanade will take you into Downtown Disney. As you travel West into Downtown Disney you will encounter several shops, eateries, etc… On the South side of the way between Downtown Disney and DCA is Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. If you keep traveling West you will eventual end up at the Downtown Disney monorail station and beyond that is the Disneyland Hotel. Located directly South of the Disneyland Hotel is the Pixar Place Hotel. Now that I have you completely confused, do not worry.. there are plenty of signs and the distances are relatively short.

Geek note: For those of you who visited prior to 2001. The original Disneyland parking lot is where Disney California Adventure, the Grand Californian Hotel, and most of Downtown Disney sit. West street has been renamed Disneyland Drive and sunk down so you can cross over it without having to cross the street. The Disneyland Hotel lost its old pool and garden area, some of Downtown Disney sits thare now. The Downtown Disney Monorail station is in exactly the same location as the old Disneyland Hotel station, it has not changed its route at all.

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