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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What time of year are the crowds at Disneyland at their lowest?

Geek's Response:
  Crowds at the Disneyland Resort are somewhat unpredictable now a days. There are so many external factors that come into play ranging from weather on the surrounding days, to annual passholder block out days, to promotions and new attractions. In general though the least crowded times of year are weekdays in late September and into October and the second week of January through the week before Presidents day tend to be pretty good.

Question: What time of year are the crowds at Disneyland at their highest?

Geek's Response:
 Traditionally the busiest time of year is the week between Christmas and New Years and coming in behind that would be Easter week. A new recent phenomenon has been the last few days before the summer block out period begins in June for local annual passes and the first couple days after the block out ends in August have been mobbed.

Question: With regard to weather, what time of year is the best time to visit? Based on temps and rain.

Geek's Response:
  Southern California weather is mild for the most part. The area can best be described as a mild desert, we average under 15 inches of rain a year. The bulk of the ran usually comes January through April. Temperatures are usually hottest in from August till October when the desert winds (Santa Ana's) tend to blow. In general though you can count on cool to cold evenings and mornings and mild afternoons. Even on hot days it tens to cool down once the sun sets. Plan accordingly for this. Most locals tend to carry or dress in layers. Even if it is 80 when you arrive at the park in the afternoon it may be in the 60s when you leave in the evening. Also note in June we have what is called the June gloom which is a marine layer (fog). It is not uncommon for the sun to not poke out until the mid afternoon in some areas. I like to joke that most days the highs are in the low to mid 70s and most locals will gripe if it drops below 70 as too cold and above 75 as too hot. This tends to hold true for what feels like 300 days a year (it probably is not that high but it sure feels that way).

Question: How do you get from the airport to Disneyland? What is the best method: rent a car, shuttle bus, taxi, limo, or what??

Geek's Response:
I have added some information to our Planning - Understanding the Resort Page check that page out and see if it helps get you started in the right direction.


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