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Pixar Place Hotel

The Pixar Place Hotel officially opened on January 30, 2024 marking the end of the transformation from the Pxiar Pier Hotel. This hotel is on its 5th name since it opened in the 1980s, the third under Disney ownership.

The hotel features a resturant, poolside quick service location, and a coffee bar. It is a short walk to Downtown Disney and across Disneyland Drive from an exclusive entrance to Disney California Adventure, located near Corn Dog Castle.


The Geek's Suggestions

I have not stayed at this hotel since Disney bought it, so several renovations ago so I have no first hand experience of the rooms or offerings except walking through. The hotel itself is a traditional hotel tower with traditional rooms. Half of which look toward Disney California Adventure and the other half west toward Anaheim. The hotel has more Disney/Pixar touches now than ever but it does not have that resort immersive feel you get from a WDW resort. You are basically in a tower across from the park. You have a good walk to the park main entrances.


Dining Options


Coming Soon:


Closed Dining Locations


Quick Facts
  • 7.250-square-foot Pacific Ballroom · 15 breakout rooms

  • Originally Opened as the Emerald of Anaheim Hotel in 1984, Became the Pan Pacific Hotel in 1989

  • Disney Acquired the hotel in December 1995 and renamed it the Disneyland Pacific Hotel.

  • Renamed Paradise Pier Hotel on December 15, 2000

  • Renovated and renamed to the Pixar Place Hotel opening on January 30, 2024
Hotel Statistics

Number of Rooms: 489
Suites: 14
Concierge: Yes
Restaurants/Snack Bars: 3
Room Service: Yes
Lounges/Bars: 1
Pools: 1
Gym/Health Club: Yes
Shopping: Yes
Water-Sports: No
Marina: No
Beach: No
Tennis: No
Biking: No
Meeting Facilities/Sq. Feet:30,000

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