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The Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland hotel is a great resort to visit. It is a on the expensive side compared to other hotels in the area. Unlike the resorts at Walt Disney World I do not think that staying at this hotel gives you any extra privileges that are worth the high markup. I have stayed at the hotel several times though and I think that the service is on par with all other Disney resorts. If you have been to Walt Disney World do not expect this to be anything like what you experienced there.

The Villas at Disneyland Hotel opened on September 28, 2023 in the Discovery Tower. This Disney Vacation Club property has five room types, two studios and three villa choices.

Hotel Layout

The Disneyland Hotel now consists of three older towers with traditional hotel rooms and a fourth tower that opened in 2023 housing the Disney Vacation Club villas. . All the 2 and 3 story buildings that used to make up the hotel are long gone. Also gone are all the old shops, the pool, and the marina has become the new pool. There is no longer tram service directly from the hotel, you have to walk through Downtown Disney to get to the parks. Or you can still take the monorail directly to Tomorrowland.

Disneyland Hotel taken from the Pixar Place Hotel
(Starting on the left is the Bonita, next to it is the Sierra, and hidden in the back is the Marina)

In 2007 the three towers were renamed. The original names are in parenthesis below.

Fantasy (Previously the Magic or Marina) Tower: This is where the main lobby is located. As well as a couple gift shops. It also has direct access to the convention center from inside. If you have a view looking North you will be looking across the Downtown Disney parking lot toward the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. South you would be looking at the Bonita Tower (across the pool area). -- Note rennovation on this Tower is slated to be complete in 2012

Adventure (Previously the Dreams or Sierra) Tower: This is the closest tower to the monorail station. If you have a view looking East you will be looking at Downtown Disney, and beyond that the two theme parks. If your view is looking West you will see the courtyard between the three towers and look off into Anaheim. -- Note rennovation on this Tower is slated to be complete in June 2010

Frontier (Previously the Wonder or Bonita) Tower: This tower is closest to thePixar Place Hotel. If you look South out of this tower you will have a view overlooking the Simba parking lot, and off to your left will be the Pixar Place Hotel. Looking North you will be looking towards the Marina Tower overlooking the waterfall area then the pool. -- Note rennovation is slated to be complete in 2011 on this tower

Discovery: This tower was built to house the Villas at Disneyland Hotel and opened on September 28, 2023. It is an offset cross shape and looks different than three other towers. It is set on the back (west) side of the property between the Frontier Tower and convention center building.

Villas at Disneyland Hotel from September 29, 2023:

The Geek's Suggestions
If you are looking to get away from the crowds you can visit the hotel and walk the grounds. There are some seasonal decorations and entertainment as well as some dining options. Out of the three Disney Hotels this is my favorite as it has the most Disney Feel to it. There are some nice touches in the rooms. The location is not nearly as good as the Grand Californian though.

The Geek's Thoughts (1/27/12)
  • I had not stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in ages. Mostly since I can drive to the park and back home I do that to save some money or I stay at another local hotel. But I was lucky enough to get my quiz question in fast enough and won one of the 40 rooms the Disney Parks Blog gave away. The prize pack included the room, parking, and two one day park hopper tickets. The contest and prize redemption went extremely smoothly with no hiccups or hassles at all and I even ended up moving it a week to try and avoid some rain and go with better weather. Thanks Disneyparks Blog!!

  • Checkin was a breeze. I think it took me under 10 minutes from when I parked till I was moving the car to the regular parking lot. Parking was not a big problem but I was a long long way from the lobby thanks to what I am assuming were guests at the fitness expo.

  • My room for the evening was a standard room on the 5th floor of the Fantasy Tower (lobby tower), the room faced North so I could see the Mickey and Friends Garage and if I looked a little to the right Disneyland. It would have been a great view of the Disneyland Fireworks had they gone off this evening.

  • The room featured two queen beds and a sleeper sofa, a chair, TV, and desk. There was a separate out cove with a vanity and mirror. There was also a closet. There was complimentary wi-fi as well as a wired connection available in the room. We would have liked to have seen a sink (or the sink) outside of the bathroom so two people could in theory be getting ready at the same time. If one was showering and one at the sink. The highlight of the room was the head board that spanned the two beds. When you turned it on it played a short tune and the embedded fireworks lit up. I thought this was a cool Disney touch! The loss of a balcony, compared to the pre-renovation rooms, did not really bother us. The walls/floors did seem a tad on the thin side still. I swore we could hear the toilet flush two or three rooms/floors away. Also I thought the water pressure in the shower was miserable, but I am assuming that was due to flow restrictors?

  • Some perks of staying on site... which due to the short time I was there and my other commitments/plans I really did not take advantage of were:
    • Early entry into California Adventure at 9:15am through the Grand California entrance. This allowed for you to get a World of Color Fastpass as well as ride the Little Mermaid.
    • Magic Mornings at Disneyland where they open select Fantasyland and Tomorrowland attractions one hour early. This happens on Sundays, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays normally.
    • Classic Attraction Trivia Challenge - Wish I had seen this one earlier.... - You can get a trivia game to play when you visit some Disneyland Attractions (Jungle Cruise, Nemo, and Small World). You pick it up at guest relations then return it for something (guessing a button or something? Has anyone done this??)
    • Art of the Craft Tour of the Grand Californian is a free walking tour of the hotel looking at some of the pieces and design elements
    • When I checked in they also gave me two Fastpass exchange cards that were good for two fastpass tickets each which I thought was a nice perk of staying on site

  • Unfortunately due to my limited time and late arrival I did not have time to give the new pools a try.. I was curious about the monorail slides... guess I will just have to go back someday!

  • I enjoyed my evening at the Disneyland Hotel and the convenience of being able to walk right to your room was great! The room itself was nothing over the top but had enough Disney touches that it was enjoyable. The grounds of the hotel have come a long way with this newest renovation. The pool area and dining options are great. The rooms are a step up from where they were in the early 2000s and the overall feel of the hotel is much more Disney than it has ever been in my opinion. I still miss some of the old (early 90s late 80s) hotel options such as the marina, dancing waters, water falls, larger shopping area with a the great art store, the Neon Cactus, the Monorail Cafe and of course the infamous Disneyland Hotel tram that was always an adventure to take through the Disneyland parking lot.

  • A question that am asked quite frequently via email is are the Disney Hotels worth it and my family be disappointed? The answer to this is always tricky and I usually try to answer the question with a series of questions and ifs... it really depends on your expectation going in. If you are a frequent Walt Disney World visitor and know the advantages and immersion you get staying on site this is quite a different experience. The Grand Californian is close to a WDW experience but still different because of the size and location. WDW resorts are large and spread out for the most part. Everything in Anaheim is more compact in both size and location. As I mentioned above the Disney service is great at the hotels and the Disney feel is much stronger now at the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand has always had it. The Paradise Pier still lacks in my mind, but in full disclosure I have not stayed there in years either so maybe it has changed too.. but walking through I just do not get that feeling like I do at WDW resorts or the Grand and now even the Disneyland Hotel. As with anything Disney you do pay a premium. Whether it is worth it or not is really up to the individual, your expectations, and your financial situation.
Dining Options


Closed Dining Locations


Previous Dining Options:

  • Captain's Gallery (closed in 2010)
  • Croc's Bits'n' Bites (closed in 2010)
  • Hook"s Pointe & Wine Cellar (closed in 2010)
  • The Lost Bar (closed in 2010)
  • Top Brass (closed ??)
  • Granville's Steak House (Closed ??)
  • Monorail Cafe (Closed August 6, 1999)
  • Steakhouse 55 (Closed July 2021)


Quick Facts
  • Opened October 5, 1955 (Aquired by Disney in 1988)

  • Over 136,000 square feet of versatile, indoor function space

  • 52 meeting rooms

  • 2 ballrooms, including the 18,000 square foot Grand Ballroom

  • 47,000 square feet of continuous function space

  • A 1,200-square-foot hydraulic stage with state-of-the-art sound and lighting

  • Two pools including the Never Land Pool and Spa with a themed water slide and the Cove Pool featuring its own white sand beach


Hotel Statistics

Number of Rooms: 970
Suites: 61
Concierge: Yes
Rate Range: Deluxe
Restaurants/Snack Bars:3
Room Service: Yes
Lounges/Bars: 2
Pools: 2
Gym/Health Club: Yes
Kid's Programs:Yes
Baby-Sitting: Yes
Shopping: Yes
Water-Sports: No
Marina: No
Beach: Yes
Tennis: No
Biking: No
Reservation Number: N/A
Group Reservations: N/A
Meeting Facilities/Sq. Feet: 136,000

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