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Geek's Tips
  • Use FastPass on attractions that have long or slow moving lines... for example Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Indy. Do not use it on Pirates and Haunted these attractions have no line in the evening (especially during Fantasmic).

  • Use Single Rider lines when available: Indy has one sometimes

  • The first hour and last couple hours the park is open is the best time to ride the Fantasyland attractions. You can go through the entire section in 45-60 minutes experiencing every attraction, where as it would take you that long to get on Dumbo in the afternoon.

  • If you can stay until the second Fantasmic it is usually fairly easy to get a good location and you do not have to wait for several hours like you do the first one.

  • Use the line board as a guide to where the crowds are and where you should be heading. If you legs can take it, do not be afraid to keep moving around the park... this does two things... it allows you to take in quite a bit of live entertainment and you can pick your attractions much more carefully to avoid long waits... The line board is located near the hub as you would go to Advneturland from Main Street. There are also Disneyland CMs at the board to help you out if you have questions.

Disney California Adventure:

  • FastPass -> Most of the major DCA attractions feature FastPass. Use it wisely and you can save alot of time. Use it for the slow moving lines like Screamin', GRR, and MM. Don't bother using it for Muppets or Tough to Be a Bug becuase they are large theaters and you can probably just make the next show.

  • Use Single Rider lines when available: Soarin' Over California and Maliboomer have one most of the time and we highly recommend these. GRR has one, but we recommend going on this with your group, the experience is much better with people you know. Also be warned that sometimes the single rider lines can back up. Or if you are unlucky they may move slower than slow....

  • Early Morning: Soarin' usually opens before the rest of the park. It is usually open about 30 minutes before the scheduled park opening.

  • If you just want to take pictures, or want to avoid a long slow moving line, try the stationary (red) cars on the Sun Wheel. Most of the time the line is much much shorter than the swinging cars(or no line at all).

  • On days when there is no Electrical parade, by early evening DCA is usaully fairly empty... so if you can stick out the day you will find comfortable waits later on...

  • Take advantage of the free lockers out front of GRR. They are available for the first couple hours at no cost(after that they are really really expensive). This is a great way to keep your things dry and secure while your on the ride. They are located to the left as you are looking at the main entrance area.

  • Soarin' -> For the best experience ask to be seated in row B1, if it is taken they will usually let you wait a flight. Or else ask for B2, C1 or A1, those are 2nd best in our opinion. Also note if someone in your party might be afraid of heights ask for a third row seat (they are the lowest seats, bottom row).

  • Soarin' -> We really like the East Theater (right hand side when you enter) better. The screen seems cleaner and there seems to be less dust on the film.

  • If you want McDonalds there is one right across the street from the park. To get there exit DCA turn right (Lion King Tram Stop direction) keep walking, cross Harbor, turn left and you can not miss it, its down a couple blocks. You should see the "golden arches" as soon as you clear the monorail beamway and the Disney walls. Its a couple minute walk only and even their inflated prices are cheaper than Disney's.

Downtown Disney:

  • If you want to get a booth at ESPN or avoid long waits to be seated at the Downtown Disney sit down restaurants, try going in mid afternoon or even for lunch. Also if you want to see a specific game at ESPN be sure to allow plenty of time to get a seat in the Screening Room.

  • Downtown Disney restaurants have long lines throughout the evening. To avoid waiting in these either eat earlier, or send someone ahead to get your spot and then go explore Downtown Disney or the Hotels while waiting.

  • Rain Forest Cafe has a great club. If you are a frequent visitor to Downtown Disney, or the Rain Forest Cafe you should look into joining the Safari Club. It can really save you a lot of time and money. For example last time I went they told me the wait was 35-40min. I showed my Safari Club card and they sent me right in and I was seated immediately with no wait at all. As for the $$ it costs $10 to join. You immediately get a $10 certificate good on your next visit. In the mail you will get another $10 certificate. Also for birthdays and anniversaries and other times throughout the year you get specials and deals.

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