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The Merriest Place on Earth - the Holidays @ Disneyland

Disneyland is always overwhelming with detail, but around the holidays every year Disneyland becomes even more exciting. Upon entering the park you are immersed in holiday decorations ranging from wreathes and garlands everywhere to the enormous Christmas tree in Town Square. In recent years Disneyland has extended and expanded its holiday offerings. This year there are four not to be missed "attractions".

The first is Small World Holiday. There are thousands of lights leading the way to the attraction and on the inside the entire ride has been "re-themed" for the holidays. You will also want to spend some time absorbing the atmosphere. There is usually a lot of great holiday entertainment ranging from Dickens Carolers to great bands.

Also be sure to check out the decorations in other areas of the park. Be sure not to miss Main Street, New Orleans Square, and Toontown.

The third not to be missed holiday experience is the Christmas Fantasy parade. Young kids (and the young at heart) enjoy this parade. Who can not enjoy the dancing reindeer.

The newest addition to the holiday offerings is the Believe in Holiday magic fireworks show. The Believe, there's Magic in the Stars fireworks show is incredible and this holiday version is not far behind. And for it finally it "snows" around the park.

Geek's Suggestions

If you enjoy the holidays, Disneyland is the place to be to bring out your holiday spirit. This past year the holiday celebration was exceptional. The nightly snow fall was a major success and the crowds at the park were well above expectations. Every day and especially evenings seemed much more crowded than usual. Next year if you want to go get there early in the season and avoid the park near Christmas and Thanksgiving. The first and second weeks of December seemed to be best.



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