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The Holidays @ Walt Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World during the holiday season is incredible. For one thing if your from the North East its great to see the sunshine. Disney pulls out all the stops during the holidays. Every park is decorated to some degree and each Disney resort is full of those special holiday touches. Disney also has special entertainment throughout the parks. At the Disney Studios you can go see the Osborne family lights which transform the backlot's residential section into a wonderland of lights. At EPCOT you can experience holidays around the world and learn how each nation celebrates the holiday (for countries that do not celebrate Christmas another tradition or holiday is described). Also at EPCOT you can experience the Candlelight Processional which tells the story of Christmas with song and scripture. At the Magic Kingdom you can stroll down Main street while listening to the Dickens Singers, or catch Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade.

If you would like to know more about the holidays at WDW please let me know and this section can be expanded to include pictures and more comments, but only if requested by enough people.



Geek's Suggestion

If you want to see WDW all decorated and avoid crowds go before Christmas. We were there from the 18th the 28th (in 1998) and the first 7 days were incredible. The crowds were minimal and we were able to see everything we wanted with no problems. Starting on the 24th the crowds began to pick up and by the time we left it seemed like summer in the parks. In 2000 we went earlier in December the 7th through the 15th and again the crowds were light and the weather was perfect.

You may want to schedule a day or so to just go around and see all the Disney resorts. Each is decorated to match its theme and if you are into holiday decorations its incredible.

If you are into holiday traditions you may want to check out the Yueltide Fantasy tour. Check out our WDW guided tour section for more info on this holiday treat.

Quick Facts
  • Over 5 million lights in the Osborne Light Display



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