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Walt Disney World Stats

First a disclaimer. These facts are gathered from various sources and some may be out of date. If you have more recent numbers please share them with me and I will update the page. These stats will give you an image for the size and scope of WDW though.

Walt Disney World Resort Disney property covers 29,900 acres(approximately twice the size of the island of Manhattan).

The Walt Disney World resort includes:

  • Support Facilities 295 acres
  • Total currently developed 5,900 acres
  • Wildlife conservation area 7,500 acres

The Reedy Creek Improvement District is a state-created governmental entity that oversees governmental functions such as:

  • Maintaining 70 lane-miles of public roads
  • Fire protection/paramedic services
  • Water control
  • Environmental protection
  • Building safety regulation
  • Land use planning
  • Wastewater and water systems
  • Electrical distribution system
  • Gas distribution system

Environmental Facts

  • The recovered materials processing facility processes 60 tons of recyclable materials, including glass, paper, plastic, steel and aluminum per day.
  • The Walt Disney World Resort recycles over 1 million pounds of scrap metal and 1.5 million pounds of wooden pallets each year.
  • Over 94,000 pounds of office paper and over 400,000 pounds of cardboard are collected on property each month for recycling.

Other Random Facts:

  • If you were to wash and dry one load of laundry every day for 33 years you would do as much laundry as Walt Disney World does in one day
  • Amount of Laundry 69 tons(238,000 pounds) per day
  • 1,000,000 pounds of Laundry per week
  • 32,000 costumes per day dry cleaned
  • Mickey Mouse has more than 150 costumes, Minnie has 175
  • Energy Consumption - The average daily consumption is of 60 to 62 megawatts.

Food ( each year guest consume):

  • over 7 million hamburgers
  • 5 million hot dogs
  • 5 million pounds of fries
  • 265,000 pounds of popcorn
  • 46 million cokes drinks
  • 30 million ketchup packets ( by placing them from end to end you could make a trail from the magic kingdom to minneapolis )
  • 6,000 different food items available , including both snack and meal items
  • If you ate 2 hamburgers each day it would take you 2,505 years and 208 days to eat the amount they serve each year in Disney World
  • 35 varieties of cheeses are used by the resort and theme-park chefs
  • 5.5 million pounds of potatoes are used to make fries each year ( thats enough to circle the globe 2.5 times with a ribbon of julienne strip fries)


  • There are enough mouse ear hats sold each year to cover the head of every man woman and child in Pittsburgh,PA
  • Enough Disney character T-shirts strike the fancy of Disney World guests each year to put Mickey Mouse's smiling face on the chest of every Chicagoan

Facts are from: WDW Stats (1995) From Special Edition Eyes and Ears and from Chris Raimando




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