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The Lazy Geek has finally gotten around to writing another article. Between taking naps in the Tiki Room and waiting in lines due to the summer crowd, there has been hardly any time to write.

It seems that the current trend for Disney freaks is to criticize the lack of guests in the new park, in addition to the lack of theming, the lack of rides for kids, too costly tickets, and it not being as good as Disneyland. Well guess what, nothing is perfect and it's not Disneyland; so get over it… Move on and we will all be much happier because of it. Instead of complaining on the web, become proactive: get a job at Disney and fix what ever you think is wrong. Was Disneyland or Walt Disney World perfect from the beginning? I think not.

Back to the topic on hand, before the summer crowds the lack of people in DCA was…just perfect. Sure for the corporation this means less profit, but to me this means no lines, and no bumping or shoving. If DCA is to average 10K people a day, then great. I enjoy going to this park, and actually go to it to avoid all of the Disney freaks and crowds in Disneyland. I guess I am just lazy and selfish, but no lines equals enjoyment. I do not want to say too many good things about the park because it will then just lead to people wanting to visit it. One moment of seriousness, DCA is enjoyable and there is enough to see and do that you will want to go back again. Though this article has been short, it has been to the point…

Lack of attendance in DCA equals no lines…

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