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Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner system is a modern gondola system that connects four resorts and two theme parks. The system opened in 2019 and features over 300 gondolas moving guests at at over 10mph between destinations. There are three lines on the system and the central hub/transfer station is the Caribbean Beach Resort. You must exit one line and enter a queue to board the next there. Guests are required to exit and reboard at all stops except the Riviera Resort (which is an inline stop not a termination stop). The gondolas can accommodate strollers, ECVs and wheel chairs. There is an option to board an accessibility gondola at each station, be sure to follow the signage or ask cast members for assistance.

Note, the system relies on active air to keep the temperature down inside the gondola and features no air conditioning.

For more on the system here is a press release with some pictures, background info and video.

Geek's Suggestions

I have not experienced the Disney Skyliner system yet. I will on an upcoming trip later this year and will update this section then.


Quick Facts
  • Project Announced: July 2017
  • Launch Date: September 29, 2019
  • Miles of Cable: 6
  • Number of Lines: 3
  • Loading Stations: 5
  • Number of Gondolas: Nearly 300
  • Maximum Seating Capacity per Gondola: 10
  • Resort Hotels Connected: 4
  • Theme Parks Connected: 2


Disney's Hollywood Studios


Caribbean Beach Resort

This is a straight route that flies through a small forest and then over the parking lot of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Art of Animation & Pop Century Resorts


Caribbean Beach Resort

This is a straight route that flies along a waterway and forest and then over the center of hour glass lake that separates the two resorts. The station is located on the water in the middle of the bridge that connects the two resorts.



Riviera Resort


Caribbean Beach Resort


This is the longest Skyliner Route. It includes two turns, one at the Riviera Resort and another in the Boardwalk Resort parking lot. The station at Epcot is located at the International Gateway so you will be in World Showcase. Also you have access to the Epcot resorts from this location. The Riviera Resort is an in-line stop and you are not required to exit there. The Riviera Resort may also be a closer stop for some rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort too.


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