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Behind the Seeds

This is a walking tour of the Land's growing areas at EPCOT. I really enjoyed this tour, at first I thought it would not be that good because you basically walk through the same areas the Listen to the Land boat ride takes you through, but actually being in a small group talking to someone makes it a much more enjoyable trip than the boat ride. The cast member has much more time to go in depth about what they are doing at EPCOT and how it is unique. Also you have much more time to observe the green houses.

Geek observation: It is also fun because people floating by on the ride look at you and wonder who you are and what you are doing walking through the greenhouse.

Tour Log (5/2009)
We opted to give the Behind the Seeds tour a try (and bypassed the Living with the Land boat ride this trip). The tour prices have increased again to $16 an adult for the hour tour. The tour started off at the desk near Soarin. From there we went backstage and into the back of the lab area (you see near the end of the boat ride). We saw some experiments and watched a couple clips on a TV. Then we continued on to a window that allowed us to pier into the onstage portion of the lab. From there we moved into the green house. We stopped at several points and even had a tasting of a vegetable (cucumber). Then continued on through the next green house and around to the fishery. Those who wanted were able to feed the fish then we moved on to the final green house. Learned a little about the herbs and spices being grown there then walked back the route we had just entered.

Tour Log (12/2000)

I went on this tour when it used to be called the Harvest Tour (or something like that, it used to be free too).

I cannot remember the exact log, so I am going to skip this until someone writes me with a detailed log or until I go on the tour again. We gathered on the first floor of the pavilion off to the side near where the entrance to Soarin' is (well at that time it was the original Kitchen Cabaret show. We walked backstage and into the greenhouses and slowly made our way around the loop ending up on the far side of the pavilion.



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