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Keys to the Kingdom

I was really looking forward to this tour. I had been on several tours at EPCOT, but never a tour of the Magic Kingdom. I knew our backstage time would be extremely limited, but I did not have time to do the full backstage magic tour.

My favorite part of the tour was going backstage by the parade warehouse and seeing all the floats for several different parades all parked there. I had seen the MSEP floats during the day before, but it was really cool seeing them side by side with the Spectro Magic floats.

The utilidor section of the tour was extremely brief and the area looks exactly as you see on TV (if you have seen any pictures). Extremely tight, with limited visibility, so you do not get to see how extensive it is because of how spread out it is. It was interesting to see how they do wardrobe distribution.

The onstage parts of the tour were ok. I did not pick up too much new on them. Riding the TTA, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates really did not add too much to the tour for me. I would have rather spent more time backstage, maybe backstage at those attractions.

Tour Log (12/2000)
  • Started off at the Tour Gardens next to City Hall on Main Street
  • Went out to Town Square to start tour
  • Walked down Main Street stopping to point out the windows and the detail (forced perspective of the street)
  • Entered Tomorrowland, road the Transit Authority
  • Restroom Stop (between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland)
  • Walked by the Castle and into Fantasyland
  • Entered the Utilidor from a shop in Fantasyland
  • Walked through the corridors a bit to the wardrobe area
  • Explained how wardrobe works and then went to the area where the wigs are maintained
  • Left the Utilidor and came out near the shop where we entered
  • Walked over to Columbia Harbor House for lunch. We went upstairs and there were name tags, pins, and the food we ordered ready for us.
  • After eating we visited the Haunted Mansion
  • Next was a trek over to near Splash Mountain where the parade steps off from and we went backstage
  • Backstage we saw the trash compactor on the way to the float warehouse
  • In the float warehouse we were able to see the Main Street Electrical Parade Floats, parked right next to the Spectro Magic Floats. Outside the warehouse were the floats for the Christmas Parade and the other daytime parade.
  • After the warehouse we went back on-stage and walked over to Pirates
  • This is where we had to leave the tour, but I was told all they were going to do was wrap up the day after riding Pirates.



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