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Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway Tour


In April 2008 I gave the Back Trail Adventure a try, otherwise known as the Off Road Segway tour. On previous trips we have done the Around the World Segway tour at EPCOT, twice actually due to how much we enjoyed it, so upon learning about this tour last year it was on our agenda for a future visit. They run this tour two times on select days (I think its now 4 days a week) from Fort Wilderness. The assembly point is actually near the restrooms for River Country, I think the building was part of River Country too, but not sure since I only visited the area once or twice back when it was open. We all really enjoyed the tour and the Segways were great to ride and this new generation much easier than the ones we had on our last tours several years ago. It ws quite a different experience to have the off road version compared to the regular one and the wilderness of the campgrounds is a drastic change of environment from ECPOT.

I have been asked which I recommend and that's a hard choice.. I think the Backtrail Adventure gives you some extended ride times and feeling of openness where as the EPCOT one you feel confined a bit and are asked to really keep close due to the nature of the park and the fact that you are going around before the park opens to the public so work is going on. Out of the four of us that have done both two said they enjoyed the backtrail adventure more, one did not vote, and I liked them both for different reasons...



Tour Log (4/2008)
The tour starts off like the other Segway ones, you get issued a helmet, sign the waiver, then watch a safety video. After the video you get an introduction to the Segway and then its time to hop on and start to learn to drive. You spend the next 20-30 minutes learning how to mount, dismount, go forward, backward, turn, etc.. the Segway. Then there is a short break and you are off on your adventure. First you drive through Fort Wilderness and then out on a nature trail along Bay Lake. Circling around and back through the the Circle D ranch for another break. After a couple minutes of stretching your legs we headed for the Wilderness Lodge via the jogging trail. This is a fairly long ride, and was kind of interesting to have the Segway on an open stretch for several minutes. We cut between the lodge and the villas and circled back along the lake using some trails and to the old River Country area. Stopped for a couple minutes then headed back to where we started.



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