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EPCOT - The American Adventure

The American Adventure is the host country, and centerpiece of World Showcase. It is located at the far side of the lagoon and the most southern end of EPCOT, furthest from the main entrance. If you take the hike, boat, or wander out to this pavilion you will be presented with a truly multimedia show that features audioanimatronic figures, one of the largest rear projection screens in history, and other elements to tell the story of Americas first two centuries. Your hosts for the show are Mark Twain and Ben Franklin.

Another not to be missed part of the attraction are the performers for the pre show, whether its the Voices of Liberty, American Vybe, of the new Hometown Jamboree they each present classic American music in an incredible setting.

The pavilions waiting area is an incredible hall with exhibits and paintings to look at. You are then lead through the hall of flags and upstairs. Passing by the rotunda again and finally through doors and into the main theater.

In front of the American adventure building is an amphitheater that has a variety of performers and shows through the year. One of the best shows is the annual Candlelight Processional (held at Christmas time each year).

Geek's Thoughts & Suggestions

This was by far the best show at EPCOT in my opinion. I was really impressed by the quality and technology of the main show. On the outside, the pavilion itself is ok, nothing too spectacular. The only food place it has is a hot dog and hamburger place(go figure, surprised its not a McDonalds yet). Inside though is one of the best Disney shows I have ever seen. The American Adventure combines audio-animatronics and film to present a quick tour through US history. It is an engaging show for people of all ages and a not to be missed attraction.

LazyGeek totally agrees. This definitely not a building you want to nap in. The show is well worth the struggle to stay awake.

Due to the large seating capacity of the theater usually the wait is no more than one show and while waiting to go you can catch one of the singing groups that perform regularly in the main waiting area, or you can just sit down and catch your breath for a while.

Attractions & Entertainment (Parades, Shows & Fireworks)
Current Attractions:
  • American Heritage Gallery
  • The American Adventure (Opened: Oct 01, 1982)
Current Entertainment:
  • The Candlelight Processional (Seasonal) (Opened: Nov 25, 1994)
  • Liberty Inn
  • Fife & Drum Tavern

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