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China at EPCOT consists of several interconnected buildings housing a 360 degree film, restaurants, a museum, and shops. In 2003 the original Wonders of China film was retired and a newly shot film Reflections of China debuted. This new film takes a look at the history and modern China showing how the country continues to grow.

Another highlight of China are the performers. Whether is the acrobats out front or the musician in the queue for the film, its an interesting cultural experience compared to the "western" pavilions and entertainment.

In 2004 or 2005 a model of Hong Kong Disneyland will be on display for all to see the plans for the newest Disney Magic Kingdom park that will be opening by 2006.

Geek's Thoughts & Suggestions

The new film, Reflections of China really impressed us, when compared to our memories of the original film. It shows the changes China has gone through in its history (especially the last 20 years since the original film opened).

The other highlight of the pavilion to most is the food... its Chinese food that draws many to this pavilion.

Also we recommend taking some time to walk through the museum, its one of the few galleries Disney has and worth the time.

For a relaxing and cool treat its nice to visit the film during the afternoon heat or to avoid a rain storm.

Attractions & Entertainment (Parades, Shows & Fireworks)
Current Attractions:
  • Reflections of China (Opened: May 22, 2003)
  • Wondrous China (seamless circle vision film) (Opening: 0000)
Retired Attractions:
  • Wonders of China (Oct 01, 1982 - Mar 25, 2003)


  • Nine Dragons
  • Lotus Blossom Cafe

Quick Facts
  • The three tiered , circular Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is a half scale reproduction of its counterpart inside the Temple of Heaven complex near Beijing. Many of its architectural details , both inside and out , have important significance to the Chinese people . Inside the hall for example there is are 12 outer columns supporting the roof . they represent the 12 months of the year and the 12 year cycle of the Chinese calendar . Close to the center of the room are 4 columns representing the 4 seasons. The columns support a square beam , representing the earth, which is topped by a round beam signifying Heaven.
  • The original Wonders of China Film: To film the China 360 deg. film Disney crews carried a 300lb camera up 4,500 steps perched on the slopes of Huangshan mountain in the Annui Province

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