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Mediterranean Harbor

Mediterranean Harbor

Park Map Description: Enjoy the ambience of a romantic Southern European port town with lots of shops and restaurants.

The Mediterranean Harbor is the gateway into the park, it acts as the opening act and transition point, just as Main Street USA (World Bazaar) does in the Castle Parks. Here you find all the usual assortment of shops and guest services you would expect. Above them is the Hotel MiraCosta. This acts as the back drop for the park.

The three attractions for this area are the Venetian Gondolas which take you through the canals of the hotel then out into the main harbor and back. The DisneySea Transit Steamer Line which will take you to other ports of call around the park. And lastly the Fortress Explorations which sits on the opposite side of the harbor from the entrance adjacent to Mysterious Island and the base of Mt. Prometheus.

Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • DisneySea Transit Steamer Line (Opened: Sep 04, 2001)
  • Fortress Explorations (including The Leonardo Challenge) (Opened: Sep 04, 2001)
  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight (Opened: Jul 23, 2019)
  • Venetian Gondolas (Story Paper) (Opened: Sep 04, 2001)
  • Valentina's Sweets
  • Emporio
  • Galleria Disney
  • Fotografica
  • Il Postino Stationery
  • Bella Minni Collections
  • Figaro's Clothiers
  • Merchant of Venice Confections
  • Venetian Carnival Market
  • Villa Donaldo Home Shop
  • Miramare
  • Piccolo Mercato
  • Splendido
  • Rimembranze


Restaurants & Refreshment
  • Cafe Portofino
  • Zambini Brothers' Restorante
  • Mamma Biscotti's Bakery
  • Ristorante di CAnaletto
  • Gondolier Snacks
  • Magellan's
  • Magellan's Lounge
  • Refrescos


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Mediterranean Harbor

The Mediterranean Harbor is the first and last area you will visit in Tokyo DisneySea. It acts as the parks Main Street with many of the central services, shops, and entertainment. There are a couple attractions in the area the Gondolas and the Transit Steamer. Also interesting enough the Fortress is part of the Mediterranean Harbor even though it is across the water way.

Two areas that really jumped out to me.. first is the Venice area, to the left as you enter. When you walk through it definitely immerses you in a different place. I have never been to Venice but others I was with had been and they said it felt very similar.. just cleaner and of course smaller in Tokyo. The second is the walkway to the right that leads up the hill toward Mysterious Island. You can take the large sets of steps that are along the harbor or veers off to what is basically a large accessibility ramp that offers some great views of the park and the couple of times we walked it was nearly empty.



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