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The Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks. The original Tokyo Disneyland and the newer Tokyo DisneySea.


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Tokyo Disneyland is a traditional castle park. It has mixes of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in it. Tokyo DisneySea is an entirely new experience. It shares several attractions with other Disney parks but is organized in a completely unique way compared to other parks.

  • Park Tickets: The multi day passes for Tokyo are different than what you are used to at the other parks.  You purchase them for a specific set of days.  The four days have to be consecutive and you specify which park you will visit the first and second day then you can park hop the third and fourth day.   Also they are substantially less expensive.  My ticket, purchased online before they went up was 16,500 yen or about $138 (they went up 4/1 to 20,800 yen or $174).  There is also a slight discount for seniors.  So for the three of us for 4 days worth of tickets it was under $400.  I plan to do a full posting on the cost of this trip once I get through all the daily picture sets.

  • Park Hopping: The two parks in Tokyo are adjacent to each other sharing a common backstage area. The entrances are not and to get from one park to other you have to take the Resort Line or some other mode of transportation. It took me about 20 minutes to park hop from Disneyland to DisneySea (and about 15 coming back later).   This was much quicker than Orlando but no where near the ease of Disneyland. This time will vary based on the time of day and how busy the Resort Line is. The Monorail ride from DisneySea to Disneyland is shorter distance wise but the same number of stops away.




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