Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Sea

"Welcome, one and all to a world where Imagination and Adventure set sail. Tokyo DisneySea is dedicated to the spirit of exploration that lives in each of us. Here you chart a course for Adventure, Romance, Discovery and Fun and journey to exotic and fanciful Ports of Call. May Tokyo DisneySea inspire the hearts and minds of all of us who share the water planet, Earth." -- September 4, 2001
Michael D. Eisner

Tokyo DisneySea opened in September 2001 and features a unique Disney Park experience. The park consists of 7 ports of call (with an 8th on the way) instead of lands as you find in other parks. The all revolve around water, hence the name sea vs land.


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Wow is a good way to describe this park. Since it opened everything I have read about the detail and immersion of DisneySea has made me want to visit it. I have seen pictures, watched video, and talked to people who have been. Even after all of that I was still not prepared for the park. I knew it was going to be impressive but what I found was a park that exceeded those expectations. The attention to detail and sense of place in each of the ports was amazing. I enjoyed just being there and roaming around the park. Probably the closest we have in the U.S. parks to this is Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. But this is an entire park built to that level and then some. It is really hard to put into words what it was like to wander through this park.

This is the eight Disney park I had been able to visit and it has moved the bar higher in terms of what to expect from Imagineering and demonstrates what can be done with some will power and investment.

Quick Facts
  • Opened September 4, 2001
  • 49.0 ha
  • As of February 2013
    • 35 Attractions
    • 39 Merchandise Facilities
    • 39 Food Facilities

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