Tokyo DisneySea has several standing entertainment offerings around the park. Here are some of the highlights. Be sure to check to see what is being offered during any planned trips.. including the seasonal entertainment.

Below are the shows that were running when I visited in April 2015 that I was able to visit and my thoughts on each of them. I skipped the Duffy show and the King Triton's Concert premiered a week or so after we left and the Mystic Rhythms Show ceased its run a week before we arrived.

Big Band Beat (American Waterfront)

Disney Description: A dazzling revue featuring lively singing and dancing with swing jazz by a live big band and appearances by the Disney Characters.

My First Impressions: We really enjoyed the Big Band Beat show.  It was an impressive/large cast and a good band.   Also interesting they allowed no pictures (nor video or other recording) inside the theater.  This was great in one respect.. I got to enjoy the show!   But it means I have no pictures of it to share or re-live the experience.

A Table is Waiting (American Waterfront)

Disney Description: In this humorous revue, Lumiere presents the tasty treats that mickey and his pals brought back from his world cruise.

My First Impressions: On the surface a show about foods around the world sounds a bit different. Then you watch the show and you realize it is a bit odd but for some reason you still watch... it is a very well done show featuring characters, a good size cast, and a variety of songs.

Fantasmic! (Mediterranean Harbor)


Disney Description: Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice uses his powers of imagination to create a magical world of fantasy on the waters of the Mediterranean Harbor.

My First Impressions: Fantasmic! Has quite a different feel here.  It is presented in Mediterranean Harbor in the round.  A common theme for us in the Tokyo parts is similar but different.. and this is true for Fantasmic.  The basic story is the same and many of the floats/segments are similar but staged differently and tweaked.   The spot we choose was ok but not the best.  I was hoping to get a second viewing but mother nature had other plans!

Happiness on High (Fireworks)

Disney Description: All of today's happy moments are expressed through this fireworks spectacular.

My First Impressions: Everyone said the one area the Tokyo Parks fall behind in are their nightly firework shows.   I found a spot on the American Waterfront to watch the Happiness on High Fireworks.  I have to agree with everyone the show was extremely brief and uneventful and after the elaborate shows here in the states and even the one in Hong Kong this was really disappointing. 


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