Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Here you will discover enchanted lands of Fantasy and Adventure, Yesterday and Tomorrow. May Tokyo Disneyland be an eternal source of joy, laughter, inspiration, and imagination to the peoples of the world. And may this magical kingdom be an enduring symbol of the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the great nations of Japan and the United States of America.”  -- E. Cardon Walker, 15 April 1983

Disney's first park built outside of the United States was built in the early 80s and is a hybrid of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The park features an array of attractions and sights from each. Over the years more unique elements have fount their way into the park.


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

I visited the Tokyo Disney Resort for a week in April 2015. This was my second international resort to visit, I had been in Hong Kong the week before. Tokyo Disneyland turned out to be the 9th Disney park I have been able to visit. I found it very surreal to walk around. So many elements are similar but just slightly off. Also the juxtaposition of Walt Disney World and Disneyland elements was a bit different. For example you are looking at Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World but to the left of it is Snow White's Grotto from Disneyland. Travel into Westernland (their Frontierland) and you will find the Country Bears, singing mostly in Japanese. Down the trail the Mark Twain on the Rivers of America. Step away from World Bazaar (their Main Street) a few steps into Adventureland and you are in New Orleans and Pirates of the Caribbean is there.



Quick Facts
  • Opened April 15, 1983
  • 51.0 ha
  • As of March 2013
    • 44 Attractions
    • 52 Merchandise Facilities
    • 53 Food Facilities

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