Tokyo Disneyland: Tomorrowland
Tomorrowland is in the traditional castle park location of the first land on the right as you look at the castle. It features the staples you would expect to find, Space Mountain, Starjets, Grand Circuit Raceway, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, and Star Tours. The one unique attraction to the land is Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! This is a classic dark ride mixed with an interactive experience (but no scores are kept).

Showbase is a large theater and is currently hosting One Man's Dream II. For more on this show and others check out our entertainment section.

There are a couple dining options here to note: the Tomorrowland Terrace which is famous for Mickey shaped food - burgers & chicken. The Pan Galactic Pizza Port is also interesting.


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Tokyo Disneyland: Tomorrowland

My First Impressions:

  • I went straight to Tomorrowland to get FastPasses for Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek!  There were a fair number of guests heading with me but nothing like yesterday and the Toy Story group.   We ended up with a 10:40am return time, not bad.   The standby line was short so we hopped in that and gave it a try.  Your ride vehicle looks like a small tram (small being the key word it is very tight).  You have a flashlight and when you shine it on a logo it triggers something to happen.. ranging from a light, to sound, to a figure appearing or doing something.   I thought the concept was great and the interactivity was fun.  The execution with the jerky trams was not good.  The ride was anything but smooth and combine that with the tight fit it made the experience less than ideal. 

  • Star Tours the Adventures Continue is the same as the US Parks but in Japanese.  Nothing too different jumped out to me.  Interesting to note even with no crowd or line they still had all the simulators  running.

  • Ate lunch at Pan Galactic Pizza in Tomorrowland.  It was ok, thought yesterday’s at DisneySea was slightly better. 

  • Grabbed a snack at the Tomorrowland Terrace.. Mickey shaped chicken nuggets.  They were greasy but tasted ok.  After my burger experience at DisneySea yesterday I was a gun shy to try the Mickey shaped burger here.  

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters are basically the same as Anaheim and Hong Kong. 

  • Went for a ride on the Grand Circuit Raceway.   The set up reminds me a lot of Walt Disney World.  Interesting note here is the cars have sensors and will shut off/stop before running into the car in front of you.   It was a nice drive and there were a lot of cherry blossoms still in bloom on the track.   Comparing the four Autopia style attractions I think the best track is Disneyland in Anaheim.. the best cars are in Hong Kong with its track a close second.


Geek's Pictures & Video

Day 4: Part I: Arrival & TomorrowlandArrival & Tomorrowland

Pictures from our room at the Hilton and then arriving at Tokyo Disneyland before setting off to explore Tomorrowland.

Click here to view the pictures

Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters (Opened: Apr 15, 2004)
  • Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! (Opened: Apr 15, 2009)
  • Space Mountain (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
  • Star Tours - The Adventures Continue (Opened: May 07, 2013)
  • Stitch Encounter (Opened: Jul 17, 2015)
  • The Happy Ride with Baymax (Opened: Sep 28, 2020)
  • Wreck-It Ralph Attraction (Name Not Announced Yet) (Opening: 2026)
Current Entertainment:
  • Club Mouse Beat @ Showbase (Opened: Jul 02, 2021)
Retired Attractions:
  • StarJets (Scheduled to close October 10, 2017) (Apr 15, 1983 - Oct 10, 2017)
  • Grand Circuit Raceway (Apr 15, 1983 - Jan 11, 2017)
  • Captain EO (Tribute) (Jul 01, 2010 - Jun 30, 2014)
  • MicroAdventure! (Honey I Shrunk the Audience (Apr 15, 1997 - May 10, 2010)
  • Visionarium (The Timekeeper) (Apr 15, 1993 - Sep 01, 2002)
  • Skyway to Fantasyland (Apr 15, 1983 - Nov 03, 1998)
  • Captain EO (Mar 20, 1987 - Sep 01, 1996)
  • Magic Journeys (Jan 17, 1985 - Nov 30, 1986)
  • The Eternal Sea (Apr 15, 1983 - Sep 16, 1984)


Entertainment Venues & Character Greeting
  • Showbase

  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Planet M
  • ImageWorks
  • Solar Ray's Light Supplies
  • Monster, Inc. Company Store


Restaurants & Refreshment
  • Plaza Restaurant
  • Soft Landing
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port
  • Tomorrowland Terrace
  • Space Place FoodPort
  • The Popping Pad
  • Lite Bite Satellite


Closed Attractions
  • Grand Circuit Raceway (Closed - January 11, 2017)
  • Captain EO *FP

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