Tokyo Disneyland: Westernland

Westernland is the Frontierland of Tokyo Disneyland. You will find Big Thunder Mountain, Tom Sawyer Island, the Rivers of America, & the Country Bears here.

Geek's Thoughts & Observations

It was interesting to walk around the American Frontier while in Tokyo. Not sure why this felt more odd than an Orlando swamp but it did to me. I really enjoyed cruising on the Mark Twain and even exploring Tom Sawyer Island. The main part of Westernland felt a little too open for me. They have extremely wide walkways in Tokyo and couple that with the parade route going through some of Westernland made it feel really open to me. Also it took some getting used to that the train passed overhead in the area.

My First Impressions:

  • After they ate we thought a ride on the Mark Twain was a good after breakfast idea.  Well it did not open until 10:05 am.  So we hung around about 10 minutes to board.  The River was quiet and it was a nice cruise.. but a bit windy on the upper deck.  I walked around the decks and the ship was in ok shape but it did not sparkle like the one at Disneyland.  It looked like it needed some TLC or at least some down time.

  • Tom Sawyer Island - It was surprisingly un crowded and at several points I had an area to myself.  Unlike here in the states there were not kids running wild around the Island.  Not sure if I was just lucky or if that is how it always is.  It was great that their tree house is still open as is their fort.   There is also an Indian Village on the Island to play in.  All in all some great views and I could have easily spent more time there.

  • Stopped by the Country Bear Theater to see a show.  Most of the show is in Japanese but several of the songs are in English.   I always enjoy the bears so this was great! 


Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • Big Thunder Mountain (Opened: Jul 04, 1987)
  • Country Bear Theater (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
  • Mark Twain Riverboat (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
  • Tom Sawyer Island Rafts (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
  • Westernland Shootin' Gallery (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
Entertainment Venues & Character Greeting
  • Plaza Pavilion Bandstand
  • Woodchuck Greeting Trail (Opened 11/22/16)

  • Frontier Woodcraft
  • Western Wear
  • General Store
  • Westernland Picture Parlour
  • Trading Post
  • Country Bear Bandwagon
  • Happy Camper Supplies (Opened 11/22/16)


Restaurants & Refreshment
  • Plaza Pavilion Restaurant
  • Pecos Bill Cafe
  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant
  • Camp Woodchuck Kitchen (Opened 11/22/16)
  • The Caneen
  • Chuck Wagon
  • Lucky Nugget Cafe (Closed 2016)


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