World Bazaar

Tokyo Disneyland: World Bazaar
World Bazaar is the gateway into Tokyo Disneyland. After passing through the gates you are transported to a covered version of Main Street USA. Here you find a variety of shops and dining experiences, just like the other Castle Parks. At the end of World Bazaar is a large hub, which they call the Plaza, and beyond it Cinderella Castle. World Bazaar features the main street as well as a cross street. The Disney Gallery is located on the second story on one side of the street.


Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • Omnibus (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
  • Penny Arcade (Opened: Apr 15, 1983)
Retired Attractions:
  • The Disney Gallery (Apr 15, 1993 - Sep 30, 2016)


  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (Opens Spring 2017)
  • World Bazaar Confectionery
  • Grand Emporium
  • Main Street Daily
  • Camera Center
  • Town Center Fashions
  • Harrington's Jewelry & Watches
  • Pastry Palace
  • Toy Station
  • Magic Shop
  • House of Greetings
  • Silhouette Studio
  • The Disney Gallery
  • Disney & Co.
  • The Home Store


Restaurants & Refreshment
  • Eastside Cafe
  • Center Street Coffeehouse
  • Restaurant Hokusai
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Sweetheart Cafe
  • Refreshment Corner
  • Great American Waffle Co.


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

It was really a different feeling to walk into a covered Main Street USA. The roof caused the noise to echo and the scene seemed a little busy because of it. I really did enjoy having a large covered area the first day I spent in the park, it was in the 60s and driving rain most of the day. Having a place to retreat to and dry off was great!

The Disney Gallery is on the second story of the street and was a great escape. Not quite the escape the old gallery at Disneyland was but still was an oasis in the park.

One of our favorite places to eat in the park turned out to be the Great American Waffle Co. This is located at the edge of World Bazaar nearest Adventureland. Interesting to note though it did not open when the park did. It opened happen a half hour or so after.

One side effect of the center street going through to other lands is I did not make it into the central hub/plaza until late in the day.

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