Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is one of the largest Disney shops in Japan. It is located at the Tokyo Disneyland Gateway. The facade looks like a suite case and inside are stamps/signs of various lands/ports within the Tokyo Disney Resort as they carry through the travel theme.


Quick Facts
  • Opened March 1, 2001
  • 995 square meters of shop floor space


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Bon Voyage

We visited the shop in the early morning and it was great to walk around. The selection of merchandise inside is a mixture from the two parks and some generic Disney merchandise. As with most of the merchandise in Tokyo I was disappointed. I knew going in not to get my hopes up for a lot of park specific offerings but I was really hoping to come away with a T-shirt or something. In the end I purchased a couple of pins (on for the 32nd anniversary, and an Easter one from each park). The majority of their merchandise seemed to be box treats/food or Duffy related. Characters merchandise was also very big but it was not park specific and looked like something you could find just about anywhere.


Geek's Pictures & Video

Day 4: Part I: Arrival & TomorrowlandBon Voyage

Before heading to the parks I stop by Bon Voyage and the Resort Gateway then arrive at Tokyo Disneyland at park opening.

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