Disneyland hosts a variety of entertainment on a regular basis as well as seasonal offerings. There are bands and other live performers around the park in addition to the larger stage shows and parades. Below is a listing of some of the offerings.


One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

This stage show takes place at the Showbase Theater in Tomorrowland. On many days it features a lottery for seats or a very long stand by line. Lottery Tickets are available in Tomorrowland Hall which is located between Space Mountain and the Grand Prix Raceway.

My first impressions:

I showed up about 30 minutes before the show and had no problem getting a decent seat thanks to the poor weather and no lottery today..  I really enjoyed the original One Man’s Dream show at Disneyland years ago so I was looking forward to this.  The show did not disappoint.  It featured a large cast, a lot of characters and a mix of Disney and Pixar films highlighted.  The dialog was in Japanese but most of the songs were in English or so well known you could fill in the lyrics.  Being a typical character show in one respect meant you really did not need to understand the dialog to get the drift of the show.

Day 4: Part III: One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives OnOne Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On

An in depth look at the show performed several times a day at Showbase in Tomorrowland.

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Minnie Oh! Minnie - Theatre Orleans

This stage show takes place a handful of times per day in Theatre Orleans in Adventureland and features an assortment of Disney Characters performing to Latin Music.

My First Impressions:

  • Stopped by the Theatre Orleans to see the Minnie Oh! Minnie show.  It was cancelled due to wind.   At show time though the cast came out and performed one song as a photo op.   I thought this was a great substitute and the young kids in the audience seemed thrilled just to see the characters.

  • Returned to Theatre Orleans to catch the Minnie Oh! Minnie show.  This was a great character show with a lot of bright costumes and up beat music.    We were unsure if it was going to be worth trying to catch and after seeing it glad we did go back.  The shows in Tokyo have all been great.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

The traditional Main Street Electrical Parade with a lot of 21st century technology added and some newer Disney and Pixar characters. It is not the neon/LED/bright Paint the Night parade but instead an extremely impressive upgrade to a fan favorite.

My First Impressions:

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights.  It is an impressive parade and a great upgrade to the classic Main Street Electrical Parade.  There is a good mix of classic and more modern Disney and Pixar floats in the parade.    I also was able to do something I do not think I have every done at a Disney park.. we sat on a bench, with only a 30 minute wait and had a perfect view of the parade.  A row of guests sat on the ground in front of us so we were in the second row and it was great! Unfortunately due to weather I was only able to see this parade one night out of the five I was in the parks. I had hoped to see it a couple of times. But the first evening it rained. My second attempt was wind so they ran Nightfall Glow instead. This was my third and final attempt (the other two nights were spent in DisneySea).

Day 6: Part VI: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade DreamlightsTokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

Video and pictures from Dreamlights, taken from Westernland near Snow White's Grotto and the from Tomorrowland.

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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time takes place on/around Cinderella Castle and features projections on the castle and turrets as well as laser and fireworks effects. The show is similar to the Celebrate the Magic show at Walt Disney World just taken to a whole new level of clariety. This show has lottery seating for the central viewing area. Or you can stand around the central plaza. We watched from near the Partners Statue and thought the view was great. You could see the wide shot. I won the lottery my first night there but it was pouring rain and I left. The show did go on in the rain, just without some effects.

My first impressions:

  • Closed out my evening with Once Upon a Time.  The clarity and brightness of the projections on Cinderella Castle was incredible.  The show was very well done and a great way to end a day at the park.   Wonder if WDW will be getting a version of this once the hub work is done?

  • To close out my evening find a spot for Once Upon a Time.  More of the effects were used this evening and the show was even more impressive on a second viewing.  A great way to close out my time in the parks.

Day 6: Part VII: Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time

Pictures and video taken from the hub near the Partners Statue to wrap up my day in the parks.

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Nightfall Glow

This is a replacement/filler night time parade. It was used when I was there due to weather issues and them cancelling the Electrical Parade. It was created during a renovation period for the Electrical Parade.

Happiness on High

The nightly fireworks show is extremely brief and visible just to the left of Cinderella Castle when looking directly at it.

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