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Mission Space opened in 2003 to replace the original Horizons attraction on Future World's East side. Mission Space is a thrill attraction where you get to experience a spaceflight to Mars. You feel the G-forces and other effects of spacetravel in this "interactive" attraction.

The exit area of Mission Space is called the Advanced Training Lab and it has activities and games for those who cannot or do not want to ride the main attraction, or for those who did, but want to play for a while. Here there are several video games to play, an area for small kids to crawl through a playset and other interactive displays.

In May 2006 they modified Mission Space to have two missions. There is now an orange team(intense training) and a green team (less intense). The orange version is the original Mission Space. The new green version does not utilize the centrifuge so there are no extreme g-forces and instead a very smooth simulator experience for those concerned about the intensity of the original.

Geek's Thoughts & Suggestions

We are not one for pure thrill rides, and I opted not to experience the attraction fully. I did walk through the entire attraction queue, preshow, boarding areas, then exited. I can say that the theming is up to Disney standards and the story is set up really well.

Overall though I am starting to be concerned with what EPCOT is becoming. The new attractions are all geared toward thrill seakers it seems, or at least those who meet the height requirement. The attraction for the entire family is not being installed in the park, not sure why? If you look at the latest additions Maelstrom in Norway, Test Track, Mission Space, and Soarin' all have height requirements and entire families cannot experience the attraction together. I am not sure why the Walt Disney Company is completely abandoning its base. If you look at the classic attractions of all time almost all geared for everyone. Such classics as Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Small World, the Steam Trains, Peter Pan, the Monorail, etc.. yes there are some thrill attractions.like the Disney mountain ranges that are for thrill seekers, but usually those additions are balanced out with other attractions in the park. EPCOT does not seem to be doing this.

Sorry for ranting a bit.. I really enjoyed Horizons, and with it gone that is one less attraction to visit in Future World, and Mission Space is a great use of technology, but not of traditional Disney show in my book.

In May 2006 Disney altered Missions Space. There are now two ways to experience this attraction. One is the original g-force flight model. The second way is a non- g-force flight model. The capsules still go through all their motions and effects except the centrifuge is not activated so there is no spinning or high g-forces. There are separate lines for each. I think this is an interested trial by Disney and the first time they have done such a thing on this scale to take one of their thrill attractions and tame it down. I do not ride thrill rides so I have avoided the original mission space. I did ride the green version during our December 2006 trrip and I found it to be ok. It was interesting to see the capsule and experience the attraction, but its not in my favorites list by any stretch of the imagination. The Geek's Brother has riden both versions and he found them both comparable in how he felt about the attraction. He said the G-forces were interesting, but after riding it once he had no ambition to ride again, same with the green version. Even with no lines he was not interested in re-riding or comparing, instead we headed over to Test Track.

Even with the two versions the lines are still extremely short most of the time for this attraction, which in itself is a sad statement when the line next door at a much old Test Track is over an hour and Mission Space is a near walk on...

Attractions & Entertainment (Parades, Shows & Fireworks)
Current Attractions:
  • Advanced Training Lab (Opened: Oct 01, 2003)
  • Mission: Space (Opened: Oct 01, 2003)
    Height Requirements: 40" (102 cm) or taller
  • None

Quick Facts
  • Horizons used to be in this location, that building was completely removed to make way for Mission Space
  • Mission Space Opened August 15, 2003

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