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Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

Note: Disney Springs is still under construction and stores, dining, and entertainment are still in flux. As details emerge I will continue to update these pages.

Originally called the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village this area opened in 1975. In 1989 Pleasure Island was added. In 1997 the area was re-branded to be Downtown Disney and the West Side was added. In 2008 the last of the Pleasure Island nightclubs closed. In 2013 the Disney Springs was announced. This effort was a re branding and almost doubling Downtown Disney with a completion date slated for 2016.

As part of the Disney Springs expansion new bus stops and parking garages are being added to the property as well as a widening of the main road and pedestrian bridges over the major intersections to help with traffic flow.


The Geek's Suggestions

With each passing month more and more of Disney Springs is opening. Congestion and construction are still major parts of the experience but more is open and more is on the way. If you are staying on property to avoid the potential parking and driving hassles use WDW Transportation.

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Disney Springs:


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